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February 11, 2016

All we can say is… the thrill of online shopping gets to the best of us. If you’re in the mood for some browsing and have exhausted all your usual virtual haunts, here are some of the Nylon Team’s favourite online stores and star purchases.



Muji is a great place to get fashion staples like cardigans, socks and tank tops, and all the lifestyle items you never knew you needed. Some of the household items like bowls and plates can be quite heavy and bulky to carry home from the store, so getting them shipped to your doorstep is super convenient. I’m hoping Muji Singapore will add their F&B selection to their online store.

Favourite buy ever? The organic denim skinny jeans. Flattering and comfortable, and affordable! Even better now that they are currently on sale.  – Adele Chan, Editor-in-Chief






[Image credit: muji.com.sg]




Yes, I understand the pain of having to wait a month or more to receive whatever you bought on a whim, but I really wouldn’t mind if it’s for Society 6. Basically, it’s a place where artists post their artwork, and the company prints them on various items, then ships them on demand (don’t worry, the artists earn per sale too). Bookmark it if you want to find unique everyday items – and they do have everything. If you’re a person of many fandoms (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc), you’ll find many great art prints here, or, you can opt for graphic and abstract ones as well.

My first (and best) purchase was a Moonrise Kingdom printed tote, which also comes as a shirt! An iPad case! A pillow! A throw! You see what I mean… That said, it arrived in good condition, and the canvas tote was roomy enough for all my stuff. Plus, and usually at the end of the month, there’s free international shipping! The only drawback? It takes tremendous patience to scroll through the sheer amount of products – but that’s just me nitpicking about the variety. Dedicate a few hours for this if you’re serious, but I can’t promise you won’t be hooked. – Amelia Tan, Senior Writer


[Image credit: Society6.com]




I like ssense.com particularly for their selection and style – I feel it’s more suited to my aesthetic. It’s predominantly luxury brands (Givenchy, Aleander Wang, Saint Laurent etc.) but they have a very rugged and badass selection of leather items, boots, and accessories too. My fav purchase is the “Pearls Before Swine” Silver Thorn Hinged Bangle (for women) because the women’s bracelet looks so much better that the men’s version. – Josiah Chua, Stylist






[Image credit: ssense.com]





If I could pick just one store to shop at for the rest of my life, hell yeah this would be it. Nastygal’s known for their pretty daring pieces – forget peekaboo cut-outs, I’m surprised if I can find anything that isn’t one big cut-out – but the styles are so fresh and edgy that I can’t help falling in love with the entire site. Speaking of that, the gorgeous site layout is another big plus point for me – I love it when a store puts effort into shooting their products on models.


But the main reason why I’m so obsessed is because they stock my favourite shoe designer Jeffrey Campbell! Nastygal has a sick selection of shoes, but I’m always drawn back to JC’s quirky touches, and my fav shoe is still my Denim Lita Platform Boot. The Lita Boot has gone a little out of style since I first got them, but they remain my favourite purchase because 1) with the platform they’re super comfy despite the 5-inch heel, and 2) hello, they’re stunning. And when I get depressed about having no money I just look at the styling lookbooks. Seriously though, they’re so beautifully shot and curated it’s like looking at art. – Amanda Chai, Editorial Assistant




OOS! [Image credit: lyst.com]





I shop at all the major online stores that everyone else frequents: ASOS (quickest way to feed my Monki addiction), Sephora.sg (previously known as Luxola.com) and Zalora. But, none of these give me as big a thrill as navigating the endless depths of Taobao. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit it’s not at all high fashion nor is it always the coolest, but it’s the only site where I can get my favourite Feiyue sneakers. Using it takes a good amount of Google Translate if you’re not the most adept at Chinese like me, but there are plenty of reliable local agents that can make the process a lot easier. Basically, it’s easy to get hooked. I couldn’t pick, so here are my latest Taobao buys which I’ve been obsessed over:


Feiyue sneakers 

The story behind these sneakers that I like to tell everyone is, they’re actually the standard footwear of the Shaolin monks, until they were spotted on Orlando Bloom and boom: Instant hipster shoes. I love the classic colours, which go with any outfit, and also how soft and comfortable they are. Best part: A pair goes for under $10. For real.







[Image credit: taobao.com]




Gudetama iPhone case 

So I’m slightly crazy over Gudetama, Sanrio’s strange lazy egg character. I was looking for a Gudetama iPhone case for quite some time but just couldn’t find one I really liked. Of course, Taobao had the answer: I love this one for the unique design and surprisingly high-quality printing. If you like Gudetama, get on Taobao, trust me. – Tami Lai, Senior Writer






[Image credit: taobao.com]





ALLknitwear is one of my favourite brands, because the designs are colourful, funny and irreverent. The online store is a colour-blocked grid of eyecandy, with sweaters ranging from vertical stripes in fluorescent contrast tones to patchwork checkers, yin-yang, soccer ball, and jack-o-lantern motifs. They are thoughtfully designed and hand-knit by one-woman sweater factory Annie Larson, justifying the rather steep price tag. Luckily, I was able to get a discount after interning with her, so I picked up the “Bye-Bye Box Top”. With it’s fluorescent waving hands graphic and striped sleeves, it’s ~hands down~ my all-time favorite sweater and wardrobe staple that always immediately cheers me up.

But… If I could pick an all-time favourite online retail store, it would be Amazon Prime in the used book section. Check out how cheap it is! – Joanne Cheah, Designer



[Image credit: ALLknitwear.com]