Macs nanoblocks!

February 17, 2016

They’re finally here! The MacDonald’s Food Icons x nanoblocks collection has finally dropped, and they’re just as adorable as we hoped. In fact, just this morning, one hundred lucky (or dedicated, for queuing since 4am) customers got their hands on the long-awaited McD nanoblocks, five days before their official launch – free with every order at an exclusive World’s Smallest McDonald’s pop-up store in Bugis Junction.


A customer at the Worlds Smallest McDonalds  Customers ordering from the Worlds Smallest McDonalds

While your chance to have your order taken from a tiny McDonald’s has unfortunately come and gone, there’re still the uber cute miniature Macs collectibles to look forward to! The official launch of the McDonald’s Food Icons x nanoblocks Limited Edition Collector’s Kit on 22 February, 11am, will mark the first time these McDonald’s-exclusive nanoblocks are made properly available to the public.

McDonalds Food Icons X nanoblocks Limited Edition Collectors Kits

It’s also your only chance to get your hands on the Restaurant Model nanoblock, which is an exclusive part of the Collector’s Kit and won’t be sold individually in restaurants. The full Collector’s Kit includes Fries, Big Mac, Apple Pie, Cold Cup, McFlurry, and the Restaurant Model, and is limited to two per customer per store visit. We’re excited, and we’re not even serious nanoblock fans.

But for the everyday collector, individual purchase of the beloved Food Icons will last from 29 February till stocks last (only four per customer!) Don’t worry; you won’t have to queue through the night this time – each design will be launched every Monday at 11am. Here’s a first look at the schedule!

Week 1 (29 Feb – 6 Mar): French Fries

Week 2 (7 Mar – 13 Mar): Cold Cup

Week 3 (14 Mar – 20 Mar): Apple Pie

Week 4 (21 Mar – 27 Mar): McFlurry

Week 5 (28 Mar – 3 Apr): Big Mac

Week 1-5 (29 Feb – 3 Apr): McCafé® Cup (Exclusively available at McCafé® outlets)


As with every McDonald’s collectible, both the Collector’s Kit and individual nanoblocks are only available for purchase with every purchase of an Extra Value Meal. Take it from us – these darlings are well worth the calories.

Oh and friendly FYI: For safety reasons, these nanoblocks come readily built.


McDonald’s Food Icons x nanoblocks Collector’s Kit, $29, available from 22 February – 28 February 2016 or while stocks last only in restaurants; Food Icons, $4 each, available from 29 February only in restaurants.


  • theunicorn_98

    ugh, it’s disappointing that the nanoblocks are readily built. the point (and the fun) of nanoblock is building each and every item, piece by piece. but i admit it, it’s pretty cute.