February 18, 2016

You’ve heard of the denim-on-denim look — a dress-down look that still makes you look extra put-together because of how chic the whole ensemble is. The whole looking like you don’t care when you actually do but no one can tell thing. So, stretch your imagination a little because now it’s possible to go denim-on-denim-on-denim, with this Roger Vivier capsule collection.

Collaborating with fashion icon and celebrity stylist Camille Seydoux, the brand has dressed up their Prismick pieces entirely in denim. It’s a youthful look that’s designed for “urban nonchalance”, by Seydoux, who says this about the collection, “Denim can be worn with everything and can tone down an outfit. This capsule collection shakes up the look. ” Agreed.

ROGER VIVIER 13_10_20157025  ROGER VIVIER 13_10_20156930

“We decided that my collection would be dedicated to the Prismick line created in 2012, which is one of my favourites. I began by attentively exploring my own Prismick bag, which is in a melting fade of black and grey. I wanted to work on the idea of facets that make up grades of shading. I looked through the Maison’s archives and then I thought of denim. It’s a fabric that naturally burnishes. Denim is both classic and modern, and significant detail, is very resistant.”

L – R: Prismick Shoulder Small Jeans, $3,890; Bootie Prismick Chunky Tromp, $1,960; Prismick Aumoniere Jeans, $2,300; Sandal Prismick Plateau Jeans, $1,370

There are four pieces in this modern-day wardrobe, namely, a shoulder bag, ankle boots, a mini-evening bag and platform sandals, and all of these ensure you look chic and casual, without trying too hard.

Roger Vivier x Camille Seydoux Prismick Jeans Capsule Collection, available via order from Roger Vivier boutiques. rogervivier.com