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February 24, 2016

Break out the mini fans, ladies! None other than Hollywood hunk Zac Efron was spotted on set for the film reboot of Baywatch, in Boca Raton, Florida, just two days ago. Together with co-star Dwayne Johnson, the High School Musical star sported tight-fitting Under Armour lifeguard gear – no shirtless bods this time, unfortunately, but the two definitely put the ‘bae’ in Baewatch with their signature red (and blue) uniforms.


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And it seems with this new project Zac is officially leaving his clean-cut teen heartthrob days behind. No more soppy Nicholas Sparks films or intense drama films – the 29-year old has remodeled himself to follow in the footsteps of household comedians like his Neighbors co-star Seth Rogen, and pretty successfully too.


2014: That Awkward Moment, Neighbors

2014’s That Awkward Moment first saw the start of dear Zac’s transformation into the slightly offensive but still lovable dumb jock-type.

Crass jokes were exchanged, a bit of nudity thrown in for kicks; but the real deal came in with Zac’s frat boy character Teddy Sanders in Neighbors. Let’s just say it’s all been, well, smooth-sailing from there.



2015: We Are Your Friends


2016: Dirty Grandpa



Right now we’re really looking forward to the Neighbors sequel Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (finally, a show that addresses how freakishly alike Zac and Adam DeVine look!) – and these first Baywatch pics are getting us pretty hot and bothered too. We’ll definitely miss the sweet young thing that once melted our hearts with a single puppy dog gaze, but that’s not to say we aren’t eagerly welcoming Zac’s new ripped and brawny f*ckboi funny man figure. Open arms, people, open arms.


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