MUJI cute food

February 4, 2016

This February 14, “sweet treats” gets a whole new meaning with MUJI’s Valentine’s Day Handmade Kits. Whether you’re rendezvousing with a date, or just chilling with your girls, these little do-it-yourself kits are the perfect way to spend your day. And seriously, you can’t go wrong – because who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?

4547315911042_02_1260MUJI cute food2

We can’t help but see the resemblance to the adorable Japanese Popin’ Cookin’ miniature food kits, but MUJI’s variety is out to impress. There are 16 kits in total, ranging from mini doughnut-shaped chocolates to tiny cheesecake, and even to handmade ganache – for those of us with a more refined palate, of course. It’s a chocolate-lover’s dream come true, but the best part is that everything is completely doable without an oven. So if this is your first foray into baking, relax, we gotchu.

4547315911066_03_1260  4547315911066_1260_HANDMADE GATEAU CHOCOLAT

Starting today til V-Day, all the kits, plus the entire range of ready-to-eat Valentine’s snacks and sweets, are at 20% off – definitely a viable alternative to your usual expensive restaurant dinner. And when your gift is both fun and practical, on top of being from the heart, the thought more than counts.


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MUJI Valentine’s Day Handmade Kits, $12.90 to $18.90; Snacks & Sweets, $2.60 to $6.90, available at all MUJI stores.