February 2, 2016

Last year’s collaboration between global sports brand PUMA and west coast “avant street” label Stampd LA, was very successful. The relationship gave birth to a bunch of highly sought-after products, like the R698s, sports-inspired attire and Trinomic socks. They’ve teamed up once again to dish out more ready-to-wear kicks and apparel that fuse the running technologies of PUMA with Stampd’s vision and creativity.

PUMA’s renowned Blaze of Glory silhouette has been given a new spin, featuring a neoprene blend upper and matching coloured sole, speckled elastic laces and both branded logos on the tongue and heel; all in full black or white for a simple but textured look. However, they’ve also completely reworked the iconic silhouette to release a special release. The PUMA x Stampd Blaze of Glory Strap, a mid version of the model, bears an all-mesh upper, adjustable leather straps near the tongue and pretty much premium leather all through out for a sportier, more futuristic feel. To go along with these sick kicks, they’ve also included an apparel collection that continues the timeless design and athletic elements. The lineup sees a range of sports-inspired clothing in a monochromatic palette that has been enhanced with lightweight fabrics and tech elements, such as a tech windbreaker, running techy shorts, a bomber jacket, a backpack and a cap.

PUMA x Stampd Blaze of Glory, $250; Blaze of Glory Strap, $190, Spring/Summer 2016 Apparel, $50-$360. Available from mid-Feb at Limited Edt stores, Leftfoot stores and Manifesto (Capitol Piazza, #02-19).