Sennheiser Embraces Vibrant Colours In A New Collaboration With Freitag

Collaborations between two brands aren’t rare anymore – most of the time they come together because they have a lot in common, be it in terms of design ethos, company principles or others. But that can get a little predictable, and not to mention bland, at times.
These two brands however, might seem like they’re worlds apart, but what their partnership has given birth to is a collection of really pretty, quality headphones. Now, we all know how resilient Freitag bags are against wind and rain, seeing how they’re made of old truck tarpaulins that have been retired, cut, washed and lovingly repurposed as material for various bag designs. This Swiss brand has collaborated with German audio company, Sennheiser; a brand that’s at the forefront of shaping the current and future world of audio.
Sennheiser lends its on-ear URBANITE headphones for this collaboration; a model that’s known for its great sound, deep boosted bass and all-round urban style. The super-soft ear pads block out ambient noise so you can fully enjoy your music comfortably, no matter how long you have it on. Freitag then enhances the style of these headphones with an individual, unique piece of recycled truck tarp. And just like the standard URBANITE model, this F703 Sennheiser x Freitag headphones come with stainless steel hinges, aluminium sliders and a removable connecting cable, making it super convenient to store em’ in the case it comes with (also made from the same tarp used for the headband) when you’re not using it.
F703 Sennheiser x Freitag, $326. Available at Actually (orchardgateway #03-18).