February 15, 2016

If you’ve not seen the last season, STOP READING ON (AND DON’T CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW).










So what happened last season pretty much left us all for dead (sorry Jon Snow), especially in the finale aptly titled “Mother’s Mercy”. While all the book-readers must finally feel some kind of relief that they can talk to their friends who only know the storyline through the television series, most of us still can’t fathom what we’ve seen (or won’t be able to see in the case of Arya) so far.

We still can’t decide if Brienne really did slay Stannis because in the rules of television, a person is not dead unless it’s explicitly shown. Then again, the Night’s Watchmen unapologetically and brutally killed Jon Snow (how could you, Olly!?), as we sat there helplessly covering our mouths, silently screaming. Oh George R. R. Martin; we thought the Red Wedding was bad but we were so wrong.

And of course, who could forget the excruciating scene as the broken-down Cersei reaches an all-time low, having to walk through King’s Landing butt naked while the septa tolls her bell and chants “shame”? Sure she might have been the biggest bitch on the show but wow, that was really quite painful to watch. David Nutter, the director of that episode (and the infamous “Red Wedding” episode), did one hell of a job to pull the audience into the show.

And what’s up with Melisandre just leaving Stannis after she’s invested years in him because of her “visions”? A lot of us don’t like her (the bitch made Stannis sacrifice his own daughter to the Lord of Light, tsk), but for all we know, she might have a bigger plan in mind. I mean, she did afterall end up at Castle Black, where Jon Snow was murdered. In the books, she was present at Castle Black when he “died”. Yes we’re hopeful that he’ll live because in A Storm of Swords, Catelyn was supposedly resurrected by Lord Beric Dondarrion and became Lady Stoneheart; something we didn’t see in the television series. But on that same thread, could Jon Snow be revived in Season 6 as well?

So many questions… hopefully Season 6 will put all that to rest. Then again, the trailer makes it look like pretty much anything could happen. We’re taken to the dark, creepy, echo-y Hall of Faces below the House of Black and White, where Arya spent her time to become a Faceless Man.



The dead characters from the past are honoured in the trailer, with their whispering voices reprising their most famous lines…

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” –Ned Stark



“I’ve won every battle, but I’m losing this war.” –Robb Stark



“Show them how it feels to lose what they love.” –Catelyn Stark



“Everyone is mine to torment.” –Joffrey Baratheon.



But wait, when it zooms into Jon Snow, he says “The long night is coming, and the dead come with it,” while panning down to a wall with the faces of the living…



Tyrion, Sansa, Daenerys, Arya, Cersei and Jaime…



We can’t tell if their time is up in this season, or if Jon Snow is still alive. Whatever it is, watch the trailer below and join us in screaming, “OMG!”.

Game of Thrones returns with its sixth season on 24 April.