February 12, 2016

Now, after hearing the beauty secrets of gorgeous actresses, including Mediacorp darling Rebecca Lim and Cate Blanchett, we feel like it’s high time we tried the miracle for ourselves — for the first time, might I add. If you’ve only heard rave reviews of SK-II and their line of Pitera products, including that Facial Treatment Essence, but never tried it, take it from this 20-something first-timer.

And what better way to put it to the test than during the most busy time of the year? The Lunar New Year festivities call for lots of roaming about while visiting houses and relatives, with selfies and #ootds as evidence, as well as stuffing our faces with yummy but not-so-healthy goodies, so really, I’ll be surprised if anything can save my skin from this mess. Thankfully, there’s a way to keep you looking your best at any time of the day — this SK-II regime’s a sure life-saver.




As you know, CNY preparation, or any major prep (hint: Valentine’s Day) ideally starts the day, and weeks, before. This is where the famed SK-II Facial Treatment Essence comes in. You may have heard that it contains 90% Pitera, a miracle ingredient that allow the skin’s natural renewal cycle to work at its best. In other words, the promise is this: you get youthful, crystal-clear skin.

With all this in mind, I jumped on the chance to try it out for myself. The verdict? It really goes on surprisingly light, doesn’t feel cloying or oily, and the best part is waking up the next morning to firm, fresh skin. Not bad at all! I can see why it’s so hyped about — and this is just the start. It only gets better though; try it for a couple more days, and you do notice the difference of visibly radiant skin.





Cate BTS4


Take it from Cate Blanchett – the gorgeous actress has been putting her Facial Treatment Essence in a spray bottle to use while filming, well before this on-the-go option. The SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence is perfect when you have to be out the entire day, as I had to be. I did a quick spritz in the morning, before stowing it in my bag for the rest of the day. What feels especially good is the fine mist — it’s refreshing and airy, so I don’t feel like I’m assaulted by droplets, and it sinks into my skin after seconds. I was pretty skeptical about sprays, after knowing how dehydrating facial water mists truly are, but was relieved to know that this comes packing in nutrients instead.


Cate Clutch with spray3


After a round of feasting, I noticed my skin getting oily around the T-zone, yet rather dull-looking and slightly patchy even after my best makeup attempts, which calls for a quick refresher. A light touch of loose powder and a few quick spritzes did the trick to restore a dewy complexion. Yes, it goes on after makeup!







My first thought was, what’s the difference between this SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence and the Mid-Day version? Well, they do contain the same ingredients and benefits, just that the night one deals with how stressed our skin gets. Now, after all the hours in the sun, sweat due to the humidity and movement from house to house, and probably the dust particles from travelling about, this is a must-have. When used, it does go on a bit heavier then the Mid-Day Essence, though with the same airy mist, but the cooling sensation makes up for that. I was definitely ready for dinner parties after this. Really, don’t even skimp on this perk-me-up at all.






After a whole day of activity, it’s finally time to get some beauty sleep, though I feel like I need some extra help in the “beauty” department. Firstly, if I feel tired, my skin probably does as well, and fatigue shows very easily over time through dull, tired-looking skin. And secondly, my makeup has been on the entire day, surely, my skin needs some room to breathe. That’s why I welcomed the Facial Treatment Mask, which is kind of like an indulgent version of the Facial Treatment Essence. I left it on for about 15 minutes, and later, found my skin immediately firmer after being doused in healthy nutrients. All it takes is one sleep to tackle the next day with the effects of a facial spa, meaning, radiant skin that feels fresh and bouncy. I’ll certainly be considering this the next time I have an important day out.

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