chris rock

February 29, 2016

Everyone loves a good host – especially one who’s able to throw tasteful hits on a globally broadcasted live television show. So in steps good ol’ Chris Rock to host the 2016 Academy Awards, with his SNL humour, cheeky #OscarsSoWhite retorts – and the ultimate hit. Topping off a down-to-earth opening monologue about the injustices suffered by both Black nominees and Black actors in Hollywood alike, Rock introduced a video montage showing Black actors playfully inserted into Oscar-nominated movies. A few seconds in and you can already feel the sheepish cringes from the audience watching Whoopi Goldberg live up to her name and whooping JLaw’s ass. There’s also Leslie Jones in The Revenant, and Rock himself in The Martian – as the stranded Black astronaut not worth White money to save. Awkward, yes, but necessary. And come on, don’t kid yourself that you didn’t see something of the sort coming.



Also, a hearty congratulations to Leo! Sixth time’s the charm, bruv!