WATCH: Father John Misty Stars In Lana Del Rey's New "Freak" Video

In true Lana Del Rey fashion, the 11-minute video for her third single from her fourth studio album, “Honeymoon”, features rose-tinted scenes that look like it was taken out of someone’s endless dreams of ethereal existence. The drug-fuelled video for “Freak” features fellow American singer/songwriter Father John Misty (also known as J. Tillman), who gets caressed by the swimming girls from her “Music To Watch Boys To” video while Lana just sits in front of them, happily sipping on her red-coloured beverage without a care in the world. It’s then followed by a white smoke scene that shows Father John Misty embracing Lana passionately; probably a symbol of their mutual admiration for each other (it turns out that she’s actually a fan of his music since 2013 and a few months later, Father John Misty posted a photo of Lana on his Facebook with no caption). He went on tour with her and supported her in some of her shows in the US back in 2014.
What comes after is both strange and mesmerising, as her song comes to an end and segues into footage of women gracefully swimming underwater, intermittently breaking the surface to take a breath of air before continuing their playful banter; all while Debussy’s “Claire De Lune” plays in the background.
To be honest, this hazy video doesn’t feel like 11 minutes, but have a go at it and see for yourself: