February 22, 2016

Never mind that CHVRCHES has visited us three times in the past two years; we will never get enough of them. And to sate our voracious musical appetite, the Glaswegian electronic trio has just released a new blue-tinted, gloomy video for “Clearest Blue”, one of their standout tracks from their sophomore album “Every Open Eye”. Lauren dons some knightly pauldrons to match her black frock and sits in the middle of what seems like an enchanted, blue forest. She walks through the woods as her bandmates go missing, and suddenly finds a kind of cauldron. Then she decides, “Yeah, I’m probably better off without these metal things anymore,” and turns into a nightclub-going chick of sorts. The video is directed by Warren Fu, who has also made visuals for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk, HAIM, The Strokes, and more. He has successfully pieced together a myriad of different scenes, leaving a lot of it to your imagination. He ends it on a high, with an ambiguous note that says, “Follow the Blue”. Okay… Watch the clip below: