February 19, 2016

Face mists have got a bad rep, which is something we found out about only years after happily spritzing our faces with pure mineral water. It’s what our moms would do too! Word is, when it’s just water and no other hydrating ingredients to bind it to our skin, the water just evaporates, leaving your face way drier than before.

We’re happy to report that the Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist isn’t like that at all. Good to know: it comes in the form of a refreshing gel that sprays as a cooling mist. And because it contains more skincare ingredients than water, it’s incredibly nourishing for your skin. There you go, the perfect skin refresher for your midday skin woes!

And speaking of quick fixes, here’s another new one from the Shiseido Ibuki range: the Beauty Sleeping Mask. Both these skincare products work day and night to complement our busy lifestyles — basically, if you feel like your skin’s looking dull and lifeless after a combination of work, stress, a roaring social life, and then a lack of proper sleep, we recommend the following routine.

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If you’re heading out in the day, take the Quick Fix Mist along with you — on a weekday, you’ll find that a post-lunch spritz works wonders for a bouncy complexion, especially in an air-conditioned environment, while it’s a godsend on weekends too because the mist both moisturises and controls overly-shiny skin.

As for the Beauty Sleeping Mask, there’s a reason why it belongs to your bedside table. It works through the night to help your skin recharge from the stresses of the day, giving you the look of well-rested, glowing skin even if you only really had less than eight hours of shut-eye.





Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist

We like that the mist is all about balancing your skin, which means controlling shine and replenishing your skin with moisture at the same time; sebum-absorbing polymers soak up oil, while moisturising ingredients are delivered deep, held in place by a micro-jelly veil over your skin so it can stay hydrated for longer. For the ingredients, we’re talking the moisturising Phyto Target Complex, an Ibuki range signature, and a herbal Marjoram Extract that targets dehydration. We’ve been using it daily, throughout the day, and it works well over makeup, which is always a huge plus. The bottle’s also small enough to stow in your bag, in case you need a midday perk-me-up that’s better than coffee.







Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask

Next up, this mask ensures radiant skin even if you haven’t really had your magical eight hours of sleep. The leave-on gel contains tiny capsules that melt quickly when applied, and these contain vitamin C and E, as well as Phytoplankton Extract, which promotes ATP production that helps in cell regeneration. Take it from a microalgae that’s known to thrive in the harsh Sahara Desert. We like to slather it on just before going to bed, and we find that it goes on light, absorbs quickly so our skin’s immediately plump, while smelling divine — the best kind of bedside companion, really.




Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist, $45, and Beauty Sleeping Mask, $60, available at all Shiseido counters. shiseido.com.sg