10 Times Ariana Grande Owned The Internet

By now you’ve probably already seen Ari’s sick guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, killer musical impressions and all. (And if you haven’t; how? Why? Are you on a staunch social media fast?) Either way, it all just chalks up to another instance of little miss Ariana Grande blowing us away. The girl’s come a long way from her Victorious days, so here’s to celebrating the many times Ari owned the Internet – insane vocals or not.
1. That time she nailed her Celine Dion impression

(Simultaneously destroying Jimmy Fallon at his own game.) Obviously Fallon’s Wheel of Musical Impressions is meant to showcase his guest, but like the rest of the online world, we were not prepared for Ari’s spot-on impression of the 90’s Queen, complete with passionate chest hits and signature audience interaction.
2. And when she did it again on SNL

Ariana Grande does Whitney Houston and more

More of the amazing impersonations from #ArianaGrande #90s #SNL

Posted by Global TV on Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sure she rocked Britney and Shakira (and an impressive eye-opening impression of Jennifer Lawrence), but it was with Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back To Me Now that we took our hats off and flung them into Ariana Grande heaven. We can’t stop replaying, and we’re sure you can’t either.
3. When she was Chewbacca

Able to laugh at self in good fun? Check.  
4. That amazing time she got smacked in the face by a VS Angel wing  


The honourary Angel took it like a winner, even if that face of fear has permanently etched a place in our memories forever.  
5. Every time she’s practised healthy, non-controversial feminism

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on


A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

The feisty 23-year old has a point to make and isn’t afraid to share it. Whether it’s banding together with fellow female artists to stand against discrimination in the industry (read: Kesha vs. Dr. Luke) or involving herself in girl empowerment personal projects, Ari’s shaping up to be quite the feminist figure in pop music today. And ooh, is that a burn we smell in some of her tweets?      
6. When she shut down her haters with a slick comeback

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

No boobs? No problem. When an Instagram troll commented “my 9 year old sister has bigger tits than you” on a picture, the pop star promptly replied, “spend a lotta time looking at your 9 year old sister’s tits? :/” Love it.
7. That time she included Robbie from Victorious in her One Last Time music video

Yes!! Our hearts melted when we first glimpsed Ariana’s One Last Time, which prominently featured Matt Bennett as her love interest. For those of you who don’t know, Matt played Robbie Sharpiro in Victorious, the socially-awkward geek who occasionally had a thing for Ari’s character Cat. So playing her love interest in a music video can only mean that everything’s finally come full circle! Hooray Robbie!
8. When she momentarily revived to send One Last Tweet before she died, in true Chanel #2 fashion


Ari’s time on Scream Queens may have been brief, but the world definitely enjoyed seeing the ridiculous way her ditzy character went.
9. When she banded with Miley to express love for all

Just using a soothing rendition of a classic to stand up for what’s right in a cosy animal onesie.
10. And face it – basically every single time she opened her mouth to belt a song
She may not be queen now, but royalty is definitely in the stars for this sugary princess and her unassuming petite frame. The lungs in this girl, wew!