March 7, 2016

It’s almost summerrrr! (Okay fine but you know what we mean.) Instagram obsessed or not, it’s always fun to dress up for pretty pictures, so this beach holiday, try switching out certain pieces in your wardrobe for a vacay that looks a little less expected, and a whole lot more fresh.


1. Maxi skirts

Asos, £17.50


Before you protest against 1) heat and 2) functionality, hear us out. Maxis are sophisticated little co-ords that aren’t just appropriate for formal events – switch out your usual daisy dukes for a breezy maxi skirt and instantly elevate your look from East Coast Park Wanderer to Tropical Resort Babe. And you’d be surprised at how airy maxis can be on the beach, especially today’s trendy little numbers with side splits. Pair with a crop top and opt for lighter fabrics like chiffon, instead of cotton – which can and will weigh you down in the heat. Plus point: they’ll keep you safe from ugly uneven sunburns too.

If you’d rather something a little more casual, light straight-cut midi skirts work great too.







2. Kimonos/Open shirts

Urban Outfitters, US$69


In the same vein, less (skin) is more. Kimonos are the perfect way to protect your arms from the sun, while making it look like you put more effort into your outfit than you really did – especially if you’re still intent on wearing shorts. (Because, layers!) Having a second layer to chuck on over your bathing suit also makes casual transitioning from the beach to an indoor setting, angmoh-style, more socially acceptable. If kimonos are a little too girly for you, an open shirt or flannel as your outer layer works too. Don’t forget to roll up the sleeves for a more relaxed look.









3. Headwear

Asos, £15.00


You’re overseas; why not? Despite the tropical humidity here in Singapore, headgear of any kind looks, regrettably, out of place given our largely urban setting. But it’s a whole different story on wide expanses of white, sandy beaches. Ditch the straw beach hats – that are clearly past even being passé – and try a floppy felt hat instead. Sounds a little ridiculous to don in 30-degree weather but they do do a good job of keeping your hair and face out from the sun’s harmful reach; and lend a chic Coachella vibe to your resort outfits too. Alternatively, spring for those 150baht flower crowns you stocked up on in Bangkok but never actually got around to wearing. Remember: judgment does not exist overseas!







4. Lace-up sandals

Windsorstore.com, US$14.90


Disregarding the fact that you probably clicked on this article thinking you could get away with wearing slippers the entire holiday – use this next trip to really up your shoe game. Leave your flip flops at home where they belong and show your feet some love with pretty lace-up sandals instead. Sure they take a little more time to put on and take off, but they’re on-trend, airy, and make everything you’re wearing look better – even if it’s just a bikini.










Featured image from nastygal.com