March 9, 2016

Baby it’s hot outside, yes, but it must be done. For the good of (changing) our image as flip-flopping, singlet-and-shorts-wearing plebians, one must resist the humidity and don the occasional second layer. Don’t see it as so much of a fashion statement – it’s more like body conditioning for the buildup to when global warming wipes us out. In any case, here are some weather-appropriate outerwear options that you can rock, from Bukit Panjang to Buangkok.



Forever21, US$20.99


Light, airy, and the least uncomfortable when it happens to stick to your sweaty skin. They work as more of pretty cover-ups against the sun, so take it as an investment towards your skincare regime. And since kimonos are so easily constructed and replicated in various cuts and colours, it’s easy to find an inexpensive one to try out first too.










Longline Waistcoats

Asos, £22


Aha, no sleeves, ma! We love the modern take on the classic work-appropriate waistcoat, especially because it means more ventilation in this weather. It’s perfect for sprucing up a casual outfit, even if it’s still just shorts and a top; slap on fitted trousers and loafers and you’ve got a smart-casual look that works in the office.









Sleevless Duster Coat

Missguided, £20


Like the longline waistcoat but a notch fancier. Dusters, sleevless or not, tend to be cut longer and in a lighter fabric (usually chiffon or polyester) than waistcoats, presumably for a less formal effect. And because of the length, they work really well as day-to-night transition pieces too.











Nastygal, US$58

You probably didn’t even need reminding of this piece that has become a wardrobe staple for every tween girl. But a well-worn flannel shirt is a classic for life, and fits easily into our Singaporean heat because of its proximity to (boring) cardigans. Opt for an oversized fit for a more laidback look, which you can chuck on over anything from a T-shirt dress to skinny jeans.










Denim Jacket

Topshop, £39


You’d be surprised – the denim jacket is more often than not light enough to wear even in tropical weather. And don’t underestimate the air conditioning in our malls! Just be wise in picking your denim; thickness of fabrics aside, lighter washes tend to make you look and feel cooler too.










Featured image from missguided.co.uk.