March 23, 2016

Hands up if you’ve ever fretted about your foundation. Well, yes, the sky is blue, the sea is green, and we’ll always be having a million foundation woes — we’ve kinda accepted that it’s a fact of life, whether it’s worrying whether this 1/9734 shade is an exact match for your skin, or whether your “flawless” complexion’s still there at the end of a long, humid day.

Shiseido, on the other hand, is taking the matter into their own hands. It’s not our problem we can’t find good coverage for  our face — in fact, it should be the foundation’s duty to go along with us instead. Thankfully, their latest innovation is a hard worker. The Shiseido Makeup Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation is one that caters to you, adapting to your skin tone and recognising your skin conditions in order to bring out a natural, beautiful finish.


It’s working for you, not against you — and the intelligent foundation works regardless of skin type or colour. What this means is that, rather than covering up our flaws, the foundation actually goes a step further to enhance what we already have. But, always, better.

How It Works


1. It Syncs With Your Skin Condition — For Healthy-Looking Skin

Never worry about excess shine! A Micro-Fit Polymer repels sebum and sweat, while a Sebum Absorbing Powder absorbs them, so all you get is a smooth finish that lasts for hours. Then again, good skin calls for shine (or highlights) in the right places, particularly if you’re going for the dewy look.The formula contains Time Match Powder that does the work for us by reflecting the optimal amount of light, according to the amount of sebum present — if an area is less oily, it increases clarity for a more lustrous glow, or, if an area is more oily than usual, the powder becomes semi-transparent, thus diffusing light and reflections so you don’t get extra shine where you don’t need it. Pretty advanced stuff, if you ask us. Since we’re talking about a natural glow, it helps that the foundation contains skincare ingredients too, that protect against dry skin, and keeps your skin moist and smooth.

2. It Syncs With Your Skin Tone — For A Natural-Looking Radiance

Rather than cover up, the foundation aims to play up your skin’s natural beauty, by playing with lights to enhance our natural skin tones. Therefore, the Transparent Correcting Polymer is really a two-in-one solution: it corrects unevenness, like pores and roughness, but still lets your natural skin tone show under the light. No dullness. It helps that the formula contains a Powder Network structure, so when applied, the makeup goes on light and smooth, forming a veil over the skin. Beyond the science though, finding the right match is as easy as choosing from the 12 shades available — whether you’re of a cooler/warmer hue, lighter/deeper tone, though we recommend it’s best to get it done with the professionals at the beauty counters.

3. It Goes On Super Light, But With Good Coverage

We gave it a go, and unlike most other liquid foundations, this one went on unexpectedly light. The sleek bottle pumps out the liquid formula, and when applied, this transforms to a pleasant velvety texture that blends easily, almost barely-there when smoothed over our skin. One layer’s enough! Still, the coverage is buildable and doesn’t go cakey when piled up — plus, with the word “lasting” in its name, we were happy to find that it does last throughout the day, minimal touch-ups and all that.

Shiseido Makeup Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation, priced at $74, available at all Shiseido counters.