March 29, 2016

UNIQLO’s got a coming up in the next few months. They’ve recently launched successful collaborations, like the UNIQLO x Lemaire collection and the recent UNIQLO x Liberty London collection. But just today, they announced that they’ll be setting up their first global flagship store in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region in the third quarter of this year. This new store, situated at Orchard Central, will be modelled after the other UNIQLO flagship stores around the world – like the 12-storey one in Ginza, Tokyo – and will take up 2,700 square metres of space across three floors, making it the largest one in both Singapore and the region.

To make things even more exciting, they’ll continue to expand their family of UT T-shirts. NIGO, UNIQLO’s UT Creative Director, keeps things fresh by carefully curating the collection to feature all sorts of pop art from around the world. For the May and June drops, you can expect new designs from collaborators like Moomin, LEGO, Sanrio and more.

SANRIO (available 9 May)


Of course there’s gonna be Hello Kitty! Except, these aren’t for you. Get em’ for the lil’ ones!


LEO LIONNI (available 16 May)


UNIQLO has gone on to adapt books authored and illustrated by Leo Lionni such as “Little Blue and Little Yellow, “Swimmy”, “Let’s Pay” and “Frederick” for the designs of these T-shirts.


LEGO (available 6 June)


LEGO – friendly for all kinds of age groups. It’s one of the few things you bring along from your childhood. Now you can wear them bricks out!


MOOMIN (availability TBA)


The Moomins are fictional characters created by Finnish pictorial artist and author, Tove Jansson. Her novels were published in 1945 and have been translated into 44 languages. They live in a peaceful valley surrounded by nature and many other little creatures.


SOU • SOU (availability TBA)


This Kyoto-based brand creates original textures to bring about entirely new Japanese design concepts. Check out the mish-mash of colours and patterns in this collection.


I AM OTHER (availability TBA)


NIGO has mentioned before that he enjoys working with Pharrell Williams, which is why he’s worked with Williams’ “i am OTHER” creative collective again.


SHOCHIKU KABUKI (availability TBA)


Kabuki is one of Japan’s traditional performing arts that dates back all the way to the early Edo period. It is regarded as one of the principal entertainments and has captivated audiences even up to today, and was proclaimed as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2005.


UTGP | DISNEY PIXAR (availability TBA)


UNIQLO held a global t-shirt design competition last year for participants to create an original design around the themes of “Pixar” and “friendship”. And here are the some of the winning entries.

UNIQLO UTs, $12.90-$19.90. Available at UNIQLO stores.