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March 8, 2016

The title “K-Beauty pioneer” shouldn’t be taken lightly at all, and that’s exactly why Korean makeup artist Cho Sung Ah, who has earned herself that title, should be so revered. This is a woman who has been in the business of makeup for 27 years, and along the way, created a bunch of makeup and skincare lines and became the first Korean makeup artist to collaborate with major international beauty brands. She’s definitely a big deal.

So when she creates a namesake makeup line, the world is going to sit up and pay attention. Especially so when it’s made up of products that are handy multitaskers packaged in the cutest, most innovative packaging possible.

Chosungah22 is named after Cho and her number of years of experience at the point of the brand’s creation back in 2012. And the products are made to be multipurpose as much as possible, so they’re not only convenient to use, but you put less product on your face. For example, the C&T Blend contains both a serum and foundation and dispenses them at optimal concentration; the Brow Maker has a two-in-one applicator that includes a sponge tip and a bristle brush, to easily clean up the edges of your brows after filling them in.

We’ve seen plenty of this cult brand on both Korean and American media – since it arrived on the shelves of Sephora USA, people there have not stopped gushing about it. We predict that here in Singapore, we’ll soon  be doing the same. Sure, we have plenty more Korean beauty brands to choose from as compared to the West, but there is just something about Chosungah22 that makes it stand out from the current competition. Maybe it’s the fresh innovation of how the products are made and presented, or just how bright and in-your-face the packaging can be. Whichever it is, we love it already, and completely get all the hype now. Here are the ones we can’t wait to tell all our friends about:


C&T Blend Luminous Liquid Foundation, $88

p402538-av-01-Lhero  s1721687-main-Lhero

Turn the jar one way and liquid foundation is dispensed; turn it the other, and you get a clear moisturising serum. The idea is that one click on each side gives you the perfect blend of both, for coverage with an extra dose of hydration (yes, that dewy skin we spend so much time chasing). However, you’re free to adjust the ratio of serum to foundation, depending on your skin type and how dewy you want to go.


C&T Blend Fresh Mix, $58

s1722149-main-Lhero    p402537-av-01-Lhero

Chosungah22 sure is big on mixing foundation with stuff. In the case of the Fresh Mix, the liquid foundation is mixed with capsules of firming ingredients right before it’s dispensed from the tube, to keep the formula as fresh as possible. On the face, it adds radiance and an extra dimension, and it’s comforting to know this is makeup that will keep you looking young.


Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker, $55

brow makers

Nope, this isn’t one of those old-school Stabilo highlighters you used to wield in school, just perhaps the coolest eyebrow tools you’ll find anywhere. These brow mascaras are part of the brand’s Dong Gong Minn makeup collection, identified by the graphic eye motifs and in-your-face packaging colours. The mascara brush gives a more natural finish as compared to brow pencils, but you can easily use the built-in sponge tip to clean up the edges.


Dong Gong Minn Jello Color Kit, $60

p401103-av-02-Lhero s1721620-main-Lhero

Wow, that palette design though. The six mostly-neutral colours inside are in line with the K-Beauty trend of wearing mostly natural tones on the eye, and come in a jelly formula that make them ultra-blendable, and a good dose of sparkle (for a selected few shades).


Dual Lip Tint & Gloss, $32

dual lip tints

Double-ended lip colours never fail to get us – especially when they come in bold, yet flattering colour combinations like these ones. The tint end leaves a pigmented coat of colour that you can wear on its own, but if you want more shine, the gloss end comes in a complementary shade that happens to add hydration and volume as well. Our favourite shade: Cashmere, made up of a deep berry tint, and a nude gloss.


Chosungah22 is now available at major Sasa stores, and soon to be available at all Sasa outlets. Main image: See the product catalogue here.