March 7, 2016

Julia Dang and Maya Nilson (TheLineUp), 20

This pair of Swedish vloggers may have started their channel TheLineUp only three years ago, but their sense of style and clean-cut video editing can rival most other more “established” YouTubers. But what we love most is their knack for making every video fun yet concise – a godsend in an epoch of rambly incoherent YouTubers.


Best videos: Styling/Lookbook videos
Star Quality: 3.5/5



Stephanie and Melissa Valenzuela (The Fashion Citizen), 25

In three words: Twins Who Thrift. These Houston-born twin sisters currently reside in Scottsdale, Arizona, and rose to fame for bargain hunting at Goodwill and making DIY clothes and accessories. Their style is admittedly a little quirky – even eccentric at times – but always intriguing to watch, knowing that most of their OOTDs cost under $20 in total.


Best videos: Thrift hauls
Star Quality: 2.5/5


Jess (sunbeamsjess), 22

Props to this classic English beauty for being one of the few YouTubers to successfully keep her private and public spheres separate – we may not know her last name, but the high quality content Jess pushes out regularly (while in university, too!) is more than enough to make up for it. And she may just be 22, but sunbeamsjess has been successfully running since she was just 16, and hasn’t slowed since. Being on the top half of the privilege ladder also means she’s a rare treat to watch; there surely aren’t many undergrads who can splurge on a staggering collection of Chanel bags and high-end beauty products – not to mention a killer (expensive) sense of style.


Best videos: Lookbooks
Star Quality: 4/5



Los Angeles-based Amy Lee is a Korean-born American who first started out juggling YouTube and her own independent online fashion boutique. While the latter has fizzled out over the years, Amy’s presence on YouTube has grown, and we attribute it to her bubbly vlogs and easygoing personality. Uni kids will like Amy’s relatable videos too, as the UCLA undergrad has put up multiple videos on her college life and advice. Plus, as a communications major, the girl has a knack for editing.


Best videos: School-related videos
Star Quality: 3/5



Tasha Green (Tasha Green), 24

Quite frankly half her star quality comes from those lanky legs of hers. British fashion and beauty blogger Tasha Green is half-French, half-Jamaican, and all style. Her following is still relatively small in the region of YouTube fame, but Tasha’s sass and infuriating ability to rock sweatpants anywhere make her a definite inclusion on this list.


Best videos: Hauls
Star Quality: 3.5/5


Featured image from @sunbeamsjess.