March 30, 2016

Just when you thought the Swedish furniture company’s getting a teensy bit ubiquitous these days… they’re here to rock our world with a stunning collection that’s made for the quirky creative souls out there. Even if you’ve never been a fan of IKEA’s brand of affordable but good-looking furniture — and honestly, how could you not — this collection should get you on board. Sold. And if you, like everyone else, has at least one or two IKEA items in your home, if not your whole house, then get prepared to have your wallets emptied when you troop down to their stores in April.

Well, maybe not that much, because the eye-catching IKEA GILTIG collection somehow remains affordable too, considering that this is a special collaboration with London-based menswear designer, Katie Eary. And if you know her stuff, they’re loud, with crazy colours, and wacky stylings, kinda like the tableware and textiles we have here.

IKEA_GILTIG bag IKEA_GILTIG glass and carafe IKEA_GILTIG glass
L – R: GILTIG Bag, $6.90; GILTIG Glass, $5.90, & Carafe, $10.90; GILTIG Glass, $4.90

No, seriously, we want everything. Imagine someone coming up to you, obviously impressed by your dinnerware, asking where you’ve got it from because it just looks so luxe and designer, and now, you get to reply with a casual wave of the hand: oh, you know, IKEA. Then, watch their jaws drop.

Every item feels like a rarity, even more so when everything’s put together in a wild riot of prints and patterns. And the styling in the promo shots? Ace. The designer has this to say: “A good home is not about having lots of flashy things, it’s about having things that complement your personality. That way, when you walk into a home, it’s like you’re walking into that person’s brain.”

IKEA_GILTIG Mug IKEA_GILTIG paper napkins IKEA_GILTIG teacup with saucer
L – R: GILTIG Mug, $10.90; GILTIG Napkin, $3.90/30pc; GILTIG Teacup with Saucer, $16.90

Now, it’s definitely a departure from the usual clean lines, with a touch of graphic prints, that IKEA is used to. When asked what makes the collection stand out from IKEA’s other stuff, she says, “It turns all the senses up! I’m a print-based designer, so obviously GILTIG was going to be a print-based collection. The idea of creating something amazing on screen and knowing it’s going to look the same when you put it on a product is very appealing to someone like me.”

“Digital print is photo real — 2D-print is just so basic and boring. I want the colour to make the eyes hurt, that’s what I always say,” she adds. True enough, everything screams personality, with lots of digital prints that can add texture and quirkiness to an otherwise bland space.

Best thing is, whatever you’ve seen here, it’s just a preview. There’s way more in store in the coming month, and we’re definitely eyeing the fish lampshades and plates, tablecloth and bed linen… plus a few of the kitten designs that you can just make out in the main banner. It’d be a sure-win for IKEA if they keep this up, and thankfully, we heard that this is just the first in a series of upcoming collaborations with fashion designers. Now, brave the insane crowds, go forth, and get shopping.

IKEA GILTIG limited edition collection, out April. ikea.com.sg