March 8, 2016

We all have fond memories of running towards the Milo truck during school sports days or cross-country events — we’d even go as far and say that it’s the only motivation that gets us through these events, knowing there’s the sweet, sweet solace of ice-cold Milo at the end of our journey. And our love for the chocolate malt drink shows up even when we’re older. There are people who order a cup of iced Milo every time they go to a coffeeshop, and I know someone who guzzles at least three packets of these everyday.

But you know what, all that is fine because now, we get a breakfast drink that’s even healthier. Targeted at adults, Milo unveils its newest beverage that incorporates its original chocolatey goodness with nourishing whole grains, so there’s no excuse being too busy for nutrition.

Milo Nutri G PET 190ml Bottle Milo Nutri G Nutrients

The drink uses proprietary technology using hydrolysed whole grains from the US, and in fact, four different kinds — oats, brown rice, barley, and wheat. That qualifies it for a Healthier Choice Symbol qualification, because two of these bottles contain the same amount of fibre as one bowl of rolled oats. No word yet on how it tastes, but hey, it beats celery juice any day.

MILO® Nutri G™,  $1.20 per bottle and $6.95 for a pack of six, at all major supermarkets and convenience stores.