March 31, 2016

Look sharp, Uniqlo fans! If you’re very much into the Brooklyn graffiti vibe, get your wallet ready for the new Uniqlo T-Shirt (UT) collaborative line dropping this April – featuring street-style graphics from New York-based artist KAWS.


178181_00_KAWS Graphic T-shirt $19.90 Front178182_09_KAWS Graphic T-shirt $19.90

178185_52_KAWS Graphic T-shirt $19.90178178_03_KAWS Graphic T-shirt $19.90 Back


Known for his Pop Art-influenced work, KAWS is 42-year old Brian Donnelly, his penchant for street art and popular culture manifesting in a line of limited edition toys, designs and clothing. The man may seem ‘dated’, but he’s far from being past his prime in engaging the youth of today with contemporary art and design – having grown up with a visual vocabulary rich in graffiti and icon appropriation.

KAWS_KeyVisual4 179077_03_366H120A_U1_S KAWS_KeyVisual2


You’ll soon recognise his trademark character – Companion, a dystopic-looking soft skull with crossbones and crossed-out eyes, wandering almost forlornly across the UTs. Is he half-elephant, half-clown? A sort of Dumbo-meets-Bozo hybrid creature? We’ll never know. Look out also for KAWS’ signature xx mark on some of the simpler tees, which only point to the attention to detail employed on the entire collection. There are 12 designs in total, while “xx” room shoes will be available exclusively at the Suntec City and online store. Our take on these new UTs? They’re quirky but wearable, with just the right amount of nuanced depression for some added character – perfect for the emo street kid who wants the world to know he doesn’t give a f***.


KAWS UT Collaboration Line, $14.90 to $19.90, available at all Uniqlo stores from 25 April. uniqlo.com.sg