March 8, 2016

Don’t you just love it when someone you adore in the film/music/general fame industry drops a collab with one of your favourite beauty brands? While some may balk at the price of something that’s “limited edition”, we’re embracing it wholeheartedly, because every little collab marks a moment in pop and beauty history. So here are our favourite celebrity x beauty collaborations through the years (for you to browse through and reminisce just who peaked when).


Katy Perry x OPI, Jan 2011


Like a true diva, Katy Perry’s nail polish collaboration with OPI dropped on the first day of the New Year, back in 2011. All shimmer and sass (and one intense black shatter polish), this set of five glitter polishes had none of the boring seriousness of solid basic shades – just like the spirited pop star herself.


Kate Moss x Rimmel London, Sept 2011


First released to celebrate a decade’s worth of collaboration as the face of Rimmel, Kate Moss’s line of matte lipsticks is, thankfully, still going strong. We love everything from the sleek black packaging – which later expanded to a line of sexy dark red tubes – to the smooth, classic matte shades; but mainly the fact that you can still purchase them today.


Andy Warhol x NARS, Oct 2012


Well technically this collection was more a tribute than a collab, but it still is one we’ll miss dearly. And how could we not, with such a beautiful marriage between the King of Pop Art and the most common form of artistic expression itself? NARS worked with the Warhol Foundation to release a 29-piece range inspired by the artist’s most iconic imagery and funky tastes. Obviously, the explosion of colour was legendary. All we can do now is bask in the memories of a classic collab loved and lost.


Marge Simpson x MAC, Aug 2014


Anyone who dares refute that Marge is a celebrity in every way – please leave. The packaging in this collection is already a crowd-pleaser, keeping true to Marge’s iconic blue beehive. And of course, the shades don’t disappoint – bright and poppy like the people of Springfield, and with kitschy names to match (think “Nacho Cheese Explosion”). The set even comes complete with falsies identical to Marge’s own spidery lashes, so you can rock (or could have rocked) that lovable snarky housewife look.


Karl Lagerfeld x shu uemura, Oct 2014


We have no words. This collaboration between shu uemura and the inimitable Karl – but specifically, his pet cat Choupette Lagerfeld – is obviously one of the greatest makeup collections to have graced our earth. The only thing you can do is gawk at the beauty of this collection, named Shupette in honour of the prissy puss, and wonder bemusedly how on earth a cat could have upstaged you in so many ways.


Victoria Beckham x Nails. Inc, May 2015

VVB X Nails Inc Moodshot (5)

Nothing like a sleek, sharp duo of lacquered matte polishes to scream Posh Spice. It may be the tiniest capsule collection ever, but this VVB collaboration is precise and to-the-point – exactly what we would imagine Victoria to be like herself. If you still need convincing, these polishes formulated with delicate bamboo extract (and named Judo Red and Bamboo White) come in bottles created with Venetian glass, and hand-frosted to leave a subtle reveal window – which is probably as Posh as it can get.


Ellie Goulding x MAC, Dec 2015


Halcyon Days indeed – it’s only been three months since the launch of Ellie Goulding’s bronzy, shimmery collaboration with MAC and we’re still obsessed. Snag the collection while it’s still available, and nail her signature metallic look with the glowy contour products and shimmer shadows.


Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay, Feb 2016

UD x Gwen

The latest and greatest in celebrity beauty collabs, and one of the most kickass, no doubt. The ex-No Doubt frontwoman’s collection with Urban Decay – UD’s first ever celebrity collaboration – is packed with bold but gorgeous colours, and a ton of musical references to her alma mater as well. And 2016 definitely seems to be Gwen’s year, what with new romances and fresh beginnings. In any case, we’re confident that this is one collaboration that has cemented its place in beauty history, because the magic certainly is in the makeup.