March 22, 2016

Can’t get enough of salted egg yolk anything? Well, here’s another one of those sweet little things we uncovered on our never-ending quest: Joe & Dough’s Salted Egg Yolk Hot Cross Buns. It’s the closest example we have for a Westernised version of the classic liu sha bao, and if you trust our tastebuds, they’re good.
These are part of homegrown cafe Joe & Dough’s easter creations, and their modern take on time-honoured European-style recipes, which is why they came up with the novelty Salted Egg Yolk Hot Cross Bun ($4.50) in the first place, of piped rich salted egg yolk in the centre of a charcoal bun. The warm centre sits nicely in the midst of the fluffy, pillow-like bun, making it that much more satisfactory.

Joe & Dough Easter buns 1 Salted Egg Yolk Hot Cross Bun

Other than that, there’s also more traditional fare, in the form of the Traditional Hot Cross Bun ($3), baked with spices of cinnamon, sweet raisins and fragrant orange peel from France. You can get this at $2 if you purchase a beverage as well. If you ain’t got time to sit down at one of their cafes, grab a whole box home and pop one in the microwave for about 20 seconds on high, whenever you feel like it. It should taste just as fresh, with that oozing centre that everyone craves for in a liu sha dessert.

We should also mention that the cafe now has a 10th outlet at Punggol Waterway Point (#B1-31A), and together with The Soup Spoon, have come up with a concept outlet that houses the two well-loved local brands, called The Soup Spoon x Joe & Dough Project. The menu at the joint outlet features soups, salads and wraps for a meal, followed by Joe & Dough’s crafted coffee and sweet treats, including the new aromatic Black Cold Brew ($6) and creamy White Cold Brew ($7).

Joe & Dough’s Easter edition buns, only available for a limited period of time till 27 March 2016. Available at all Joe & Dough outlets.