March 30, 2016

Surprise surprise: mixing metals is no longer a fashion faux pas. And how can it be, with so many versatile silver, gold, and rose gold pieces out on the market today just begging to be mixed and matched? That said, we completely empathise if you’re feeling a little less than confident about pairing silver and gold together, so here’s how you can put all your precious jewellery pieces in one look and still mix smart.


1. Incorporate a transition piece


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Clé de Cartier Watch, $11, 100
Swarovski Distinct Bangle, $169


The easiest way to make your first foray into mixing metals is to marry them with a piece of jewellery that already contains both elements. For example, a watch with both rose gold and silver elements helps pull the different metals together in a seamless way, setting uniformity for when you pair other separate pieces like a rose gold chain with a silver bangle. Plus, the transition piece will help to make your mixing look more like a deliberate fashion choice rather than just an unfortunate metal mishap.


2. Start small

TR1979-415-12 TR1980-051-14

L: Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul Ring, $159
R: Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul Eternity Ring, $170 to $234


Stacking midi rings is a straightforward but foolproof way to start dabbling in wearing different coloured metals all at once. They’re striking in a very subtle way, and the delicate slim shapes just mean more leeway for you to mix without looking obnoxious. More popular combinations of course include silver and rose gold, but don’t be afraid to throw pretty yellow-gold bands into the mix for some statement pizazz.


3. Mix in layers

In the same vein of stacking rings, layering the same kind of jewellery in different metals works better than wearing three items in three colours (ie. a silver necklace with a gold bangle and copper-toned rings). Overkill is very possible when mixing metals, so be sure to consider your combinations carefully beforehand. Silver and gold necklaces layered on top of each other actually make a good combo, especially when pulled together with a third non-metal piece – accessories like black cords or beaded chains work like transition pieces too that tie the entire look neatly.


4. Don’t mix styles

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.49.10 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.50.11 PM

Pandora Flower Pearl Pendant, $195
Pandora Silver Bracelet with Clear Cubic Zirconia, $159


Sounds like a no-brainer, but mixing chunky statement pieces with more delicate ones is an obvious no-no. If you’re going for a classy look, keep your various metals to slim cuffs and minimalist chains. A chunky gold choker with a thin rose gold bracelet just looks off-balance.


5. Choose: Jewellery or hardware

If you’re going to be wearing a statement jacket with a ton of silver zippers, ditch the jewellery. The only time mixing metals becomes a modern faux pas is when you try to get creative with hardware on your clothing or shoes. Mixing metals via your rings is still acceptable most of the time, but matching your bangles to your buckles and insisting on another metal elsewhere is just going to get really confusing. Less is more, folks.


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