March 18, 2016

Time to throw in a little more convenience during your lunch break. If you’re the kind who’s already grabbing a much-needed cup of coffee at Starbucks during lunch, well, you’ll be glad to know that they’re serving a party of lunch treats that you can just as easily pick up too. And even if you’re not a coffee-lover, the cafe has so many locations islandwide, it’s just way too convenient for a lunch spot anyway.

This time, they’re bringing back gourmet sandwiches, wraps, pastries and salads, with a slant towards healthy, nutritious eating — these are made without artificial trans-fat, artificial coloring, or high fructose corn syrup, while still being delicious. They seem great on-the-go too.

Classic Potato Salad Deep Dish Beef Pie Salmon & Broccoli Quiche
L – R: Classic Potato Salad; Beef Deep Dish Pie; Salmon & Broccoli Quiche

The health-conscious could go for a Classic Potato Salad ($8.90) or maybe either one of their Seasonal Green Salads (Oriental Salad with Sesame Dressing or the Italian Rocket Salad with French Dressing). The Beef Deep Dish Pie ($5.90) makes for a hearty snack, and we like the Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie ($5.90) too, a new combination that lends a tinge of sweetness (and nutrition) to the classic fave of roasted potato mash, turkey and vegetable stew.

Beef Meatball Marinara Croissant Sandwich Buttermilk Chicken & Egg Croissant Sandwich Wholesome Tuna & Cheese Sandwich Turkey Pastrami Wholewheat Wrap
L-R: Beef Meatball Marinara Croissant Sandwich; Buttermilk Chicken & Egg Croissant Sandwich; Wholesome Tuna & Cheese Sandwich; Turkey Pastrami Wholewheat Wrap

More standard fare includes sandwiches and wraps, and they have eight of these in total. The Beef Meatball Marinara Croissant Sandwich ($8.90) looks and tastes good, especially when you sink into it while it’s still hot, and the Buttermilk Chicken & Egg Croissant Sandwich ($8.90) makes for interesting flavours, since it does include tender chicken fillets marinated with buttermilk and served with a tangy pesto sauce, if you’re tired of the same old classics. Just as well, we do like the Wholesome Tuna & Cheese Sandwich ($8.90) — tuna and mayo’s will always be comfort food to us, what’s more this has melted cheese and crispy lettuce. Wrap options include the Turkey Pastrami Wholewheat Wrap and Smoked Salmon Tomato Wrap, both $10.90 each.

Starbucks Lunch Menu, available at all Starbucks outlets for a limited time only.

Value-for-money $9.90 lunch sandwich sets
Gourmet sandwiches for only $9.90 with a tall-sized iced freshly brewed coffee or tea.
Valid from 11.30am to 3pm daily, for a limited time only.