March 2, 2016

We’ve all been there – stared at a closet bursting with clothes we just can’t bear to chuck, wondering… How? … Why? … When did this even happen? Times like this, you just have to suck it up and face the music – you need a closet clean-out.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to pull a complete Becky Bloomwood in your wardrobe detox. Tactical tossing and strategic saving are your secrets to starting over! And just so we’re clear – you can save way more than just the basic white top.



1. Black Trousers/Pants

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This tops my list, and with good reason. A quality, fitting pair of black pants is more versatile than even the beloved Plain White Tee – it can see you through a hard-pressed workday in the office, to that GNO you’ve been looking forward to all week; slap on a slouchy tee and it’ll even work for a casual day out. The best part? It’s the definition of effortlessness – looking sleek and sharp without even having to try. You’ll be surprised at how good they make you feel too.


2. Blue Jeans

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For those days when you want to let your hair down a little, a comfy pair of true blue jeans is a good substitute for your daily trouser. Whether you opt for a classic, flattering skinny jean, or a more alternative boyfriend jean, trust that denim indeed, hand to heart, goes with everything.


3. Any Black Top – seriously, any black top

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There’s a reason why many big names in fashion are only ever seen in black. As much as I do appreciate the clean freshness of a white top, black just seems so much more… sophisticated. Regardless of the cut or style, like the black trousers, a black top can pull any outfit together instantly. Plus, it’s a lot less “recognisable” as a co-ordinate – which will help when you’re trying not to look like an outfit repeater with only half your wardrobe left.


4. A Bodycon Skirt

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Contrary to popular belief, a bodycon skirt is actually flattering on all body types. It adds more shape to a skinny silhouette, and accentuates a curvy girl’s killer figure. Not to mention, it can be both work-appropriate and party-safe *wink* That said, don’t go for the tightest fitting mini skirt you have – if it clings too tightly it’ll only emphasise any bumps you’ve been otherwise trying to hide.


5. Thin Stripes

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Another good alternative for a basic top is a striped tee – or tank, crop top, shirt, or blouse. Neatly aligned stripes in a good material will look crisp and chic paired with anything. Just remember – the thinner the stripes, the more flattering. You don’t want to look unintentionally pregnant just because you ran out of clothes.


6. Denim Jacket

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This cannot be reiterated enough – denim is timeless. Trends can come and go, but a solid denim jacket will last you forever. And Singaporean heat or not, it’s time to recognise that sometimes comfort must be compromised in the name of fashion, and fashion = layers.


7. Sneaks!

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Thank god for this decade’s obsession with sneakers and anything sports luxe! As if you needed reminding; but hang on to those trusty Converse Chucks or Nike kicks you were thinking of switching out for heels, because you’ll be surprised at how well they go with everything.


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