elle sunnies

March 14, 2016

Summer sun just got a whole lot more tolerable – for the ELLE woman, that is. As part of their Sunwear 2016 line, ELLE Eyewear has dropped a whole new range of eyepieces to help chronicle the never-ending fashion adventure that is life. And where better to kick off a fashion adventure than the urban jungle of Paris? Think classic Parisian eyewear silhouettes infused with urban graphic elements, jungle-inspired patterns, even, to transport you from the cobblestoned streets to rugged safaris, to onboard maritime voyages.


Paris Chic


EL14818-PU-cat-high   EL14818-RO-cat-high

For anyone who’s ever fantasised about strolling down Champs-Élysées, nonchalant and mysterious behind a pair of oversized frames, the EL 14818 sunglasses are for you. Street meets chic in this timeless shape that comes in black, gold, purple, and rose – adorned on the side with an exclusive ELLE Eyewear urban graphic in silver.


EL14819-BR-cat-high   EL14819-PU-cat-high

And for those who like their eyecandy more street than chic, there’re the EL 14819s, with their ultra lightweight frame made of flexible Ultem, and the promise of polished ruggedness to see you through any high-street social event.


Urban Jungle


EL14824-BK-cat-high   EL14824-BR-cat-high

Who says a jungle adventure has to be all sweat and grime? With the EL 14824, a translucent acetate frame modeled in contemporary colours and an updated tortoise shape only means you’ll be looking hella fine maneuvering wildlife of all sorts – whether it’s jungle beasts or corporate monsters.




For some added jazz and glamour, slap on an EL 14825 – the oversized squared front keeps you safe from the sun; but the glittery safari-themed temples ensure you do it while sparkling right back.



EL14828-BL-cat-high    EL14828-BR-cat-high

And finally, a boxy boyish cut in the EL 14828 helps you sharpen your safari senses, to take on any bumbling brute that comes your way.


Ship Ahoy


EL14831-BR-cat-high    EL14831-NV-cat-high

Next up, for your epic Caribbean Cruise, turn to the fun, nautical designs of the EL 14831 – elegant sailor stripes and gold and silver detailing for a true maritime flair.



EL14832-PK-cat-high  EL14832-BR-cat-high

The EL 14832 receives an oversized upgrade with a larger acetate frame finished in more mature, timeless colours. They did away with the splashy four stripes of the previous model and went for a single long one running through the length of the temple instead – because, you know, sophistication.




For the seafaring Sally who means business, take it all back to the classic quadrangular sunglass cut. EL 14834 knows how to keep it cool while still looking irrefutably edgy.


ELLE Sunwear 2016, $165 onwards. Available on eye-trendy.com.