shophouse 65

March 2, 2016

Ever fallen in love with rose bandung so much you wished you could wear it on your lips? Well, bizarrely, now you can. In a move echoing that of American lip balm giant LipSmacker, the all-new artisanal beauty brand Shophouse Sixtyfive has released bandung-flavoured lip balm – amongst a ton of other tasty locally flavoured balms!

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Inspired by the heritage of none other than our little red dot, Shophouse Sixtyfive specialises in handcrafted bath and beauty products made with the heart, and enriched with the Singaporean soul. Quite naturally, everything sold is locally themed too. Branded under “Kopitiam Lipbalms”, the handmade balms are packed with natural ingredients to keep your lips nourished, while sticking to names and flavours that sound too yummy to just apply. There’s Coffeeshop Kopi-o, Rose Bandung, and Honeydew Sago, but what we’ve got our eye on is Sir Stamford – a cheeky “British” mix of breakfast tea aromas and caramel. Delish.



You can also get your hands on beeswax-based cheek and lip tints – will it be Wah Chio Bu, Samsui Lady, or Kampong Girl? – as well as lip scrubs and other beauty accessories. Singaporean pride or not, we’ll be stocking up.


Shophouse Sixtyfive Kopitiam Lipbalms, $9.80, available at