March 18, 2016

This one’s for the lads – if you’ve ever faced the hassle of having to continuously replace your shaver blades, Shave It Club’s gotchu. (And if you haven’t, do re-evaluate your personal hygiene practices, good sir.)


The Shave It Club presents itself as a cutting-edge (ha) men’s monthly subscription box that will revolutionise the grooming industry. Like any regular beauty subscription box, there’s a straightforward game plan – buy the first box, enjoy it, and continue to pay for a monthly subscription as you receive a new box every month. Unlike most subscription boxes, Shave It Club’s is actually pretty affordable. Membership goes for $15.90 a month, excluding shipping, wherein you’ll start off with four quality blades and a free handle in your choice of colour – Gold, Silver, or Black. After that, you’ll receive a new pack of blades every month till you cancel your subscription.

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It’s a godsend for anyone who’s forgotten to buy blade refills, and ended up shaving with rusty and grimy blades. The Shave It Club prides itself on caring for your delicate skin, just like any sincere skincare brand would – which is why all the custom shavers are made of five stainless steel titanium-coated blades. In addition, as a Shave It Club member, you’ll be able to enjoy exclusive discounts from retail partners islandwide, as well as purchase related products from the website like Aloe Vera lubricants. If that doesn’t add some luxe into your personal grooming routine, we don’t know what does.



Shave It Club subscription box, $15.90, available at