WATCH: We Think Jon Snow Might Be Alive In Game of Thrones Season 6

But we still can’t be too sure. It’s all a hunch, especially after watching the full red band trailer that was just released this morning. It begins with a crane shot of the wall, panning into Castle Black, where Jon Snow lies motionless on the ground; pretty much where the show left off in the previous season. Also, it’s backed by a melancholic cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” by James Vincent McMorrow. The last time we heard this song was during a scene in Season 5 of Gossip Girl, where Blair visits Chuck to explain that they can never be together (so heartbreaking, so painful).
But what follows is a great myriad of teases to hype up the new season. Obviously the same few questions comes up again, but there might be visual evidence that Jon Snow is alive, though we (and the rest of the Internet) can’t be entirely sure. We’ll have to wait till the end of April to really know what happens, but till then, make sure you head down to ION Orchard from 2-7 April for the Game of Thrones Experience: World of Westeros (#GOTAsiaWOW) event to help you tide through the excruciating wait.

One thing we know from the trailer is that Season 6 is going to be violent, especially since Cersei chooses violence over ordering her big bad zombie buddy to move aside. Since both book-readers and TV viewers of Game of Thrones have no clue what’s going to happen, everything now is fair-game. Speculations upon speculations, we break down the trailer frame by frame, or rather clip by clip, to see what we can take home from it.
R.I.P. Jon Snow. We’re pretty sure you’ll be back.
Yes, Melisandre. Regret your actions and your “visions” you so passionately thought were true. Now repent and resurrect Jon Snow!
Ser Jorah finds Daenerys’ ring. Now get back into her good books and save her!
Hang in there, Mother of Dragons! Hopefully Ser Jorah earns the trust of Drogon and rides on his back to swoop in to save you!
Our cover girl for NYLON Singapore’s #24 July issue lookin’ real good in this scene. But yes Sansa, please gtfo of there. Hopefully Reek a.k.a. Theon Greyjoy will come to his senses to help you escape.
Lancel Lannister telling his cousin Cersei to order her zombie buddy to move, “or there will be violence.” Wrong move, bro.

“What did you just say to the her?!”

Obviously Cersei’s not having it, and chooses violence. Ooh this scene is going to be sooooo brutal…

Hopefully King Tommen doesn’t become like his crazy brother. Also, he’s probably on his way to save his wife and Queen, Margaery .

That better be you trying to help Sansa, Theon.

Oh God, they’re at it again. Stop. Just stop.

So, did Brienne of Tarth kill King Stannis in the end? If she did, then she and Jaime Lannister have another thing in common.

After all that shit with the “great victory” you saw in the flames, you’re still trusting that crap, Melisandre!?

Okay well, we now know that you’re still thirsty in this Season.


Could that be Arya getting away from the Hall of Faces? The whole running away or escaping thing seems to be a recurring theme in Season 6, huh?

Who are you boning now, Melisandre? And will it help to resurrect Jon Snow?

So everyone on the Internet is going apeshit about this frame at 1:17. Is that Jon Snow we see? Did HBO slip up and accidentally released a spoiler on the trailer?! WE NEED ANSWERS.

Oh crap, the High Sparrow is talking to Margaery. Please don’t make her do that walk of shame like Cersei.

The girl is still blind.

Ah yes. Sansa, keep running and stop looking back. Just go.

Ok a few things here – Bran Stark has a swanky haircut and a brand new pair of legs. Also, here’s him facing the Night’s King. Then again, it could just be one of his dreams again. Perhaps we’ll see more of him this season.

“I apologise for what you are about to see.” No, he’s not going to desecrate Jon Snow’s body further, but we think that he’s probably going to defend the room as Melisandre tries to resurrect him. Season 5 did end with her entering Castle Black, right?

So there. We’re pretty convinced that Jon Snow will return in Season 6, but who knows?