Your Instagram Feed Is About To Get Rearranged

Ah, it’s not like we didn’t see this coming. Four years after Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion, we might see a change that a lot of people might not agree with. According to Instagram, we’re missing about 70% of what’s on our daily feeds, which means we’re not seeing posts from people that actually matter to us. So to improve everybody’s experience, Instagram plans on using an algorithm to show photos and videos you’ll more likely be interested in, according to your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post (sounds a lot like the current Facebook feed). They mentioned that you’ll still see all the posts, but just in a different order, which means that those seemingly more important posts will appear first. There is no solid date on when the update will roll out yet, but Instagram says that they’ll be putting a lot of thought into getting it right and take user feedback into consideration as they go along.