March 14, 2016

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s Touche Éclat is the ubiquitous golden pen that has been a mainstay in our makeup pouches for a long time now – and the same goes for women all over the world, apparently, since 1 is sold somewhere in the world every 10 seconds. It’s a product that has achieved a cult enough status that the brand can put out special edition versions over and over again, yet get people to clamour over it every single time. We were there when YSL released the Wild Edition of Holiday 2014, the gold tube all dressed up in leopard prints; as well as for Spring 2015’s Rock Lace, when it got all tough yet pretty in black polka dots with a tulle pattern; and most recently, the Kiss and Love, which seduced us with the red lip prints pattern.

But we have to say Spring 2016’s limited edition speaks to us the most. The Touche Éclat Slogan Edition features three different declarations printed on the tube, to suit different moods and personalities. “All lights on me” for when you want all attention to be on you, because with the Touche Éclat’s highlighting and concealing powers, your makeup is just that on point. And then there’s “No need to sleep”, when you feel brave enough to last through the night, because your Touche Éclat’s close by to keep those panda eyes hidden from the world. But the one we identify most with has to be “I’m not a morning person”, because we really aren’t – but at least the world doesn’t have to suffer our “I’d rather be back in bed” faces, because we have the Touche Éclat as a secret weapon, of course.


ysl slogan

You might be inclined to agree with us that all 3 slogans are relevant to daily life – clever move on YSL’s part, by making us feel like we need to collect them all. Here’s to feeling like death before you have your first cup of coffee in the mornings, yet being able to stay up all night if the occasion calls for it. Whatever it is, as long as we have our Touche Éclat by our side, we’re good.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s Touche Éclat Slogan Edition, $59 each. Available at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté stores and counters from April 2016. yslbeautyus.com