April 13, 2016

Reason to get pumped: 2012’s AAPE By A Bathing Ape is back this season with an all-new collection featuring not one, but three novel themed looks. The young menswear label’s 2016 Spring/Summer Collection pays homage to the rugged street aesthetic they’re so known for – with ‘Black City’, ‘Desert Army’, and ‘AAPE Sport’; all completely different yet still ever uniquely BAPE.


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Black City: We’re digging the South Bronx vibes here, treated with a monochromatic palette that’s definitely a lot more wearable. AAPE’s signature camo pattern isn’t hard to miss, but keep a look out for the additional fluorescent print accents, which will surely keep you looking fresh and on fleek even in the dark. Someone cue Macklemore’s “Downtown”, already.


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Desert Army: It’s good ol’ AAPE camo again, but this time with accentuated military details like army font, badge, radar, and warning signs worked into the earth-toned prints for a change from the usual khaki greens. Can’t say we’re fans of the overall pattern, which comes a little too close to NS Boy Aesthetic for comfort; but hey, to each his own.


12985403_934678319981657_5940574765345260062_n  13010730_934678279981661_1731230829280721203_n  12987141_934678356648320_1049763764834381673_n

AAPE Sport: Shoutout to the sporty-preppy richbois of all our country club dreams! Okay we kid, but there’s seriously nothing to hate about the tailored yet casual sportswear looks in this American tennis apparel-inspired series. Everything screams “MURICA” from the red/white/blue colour palette to the unapologetic stars/stripes combo, which, quite frankly, look a lot sexier than expected.


AAPE By A Bathing Ape 2016 Spring/Summer Collection, available at i.t orchardgateway #B1-13.