April 8, 2016

We’ll be the first to admit it – we’re sneakerheads, and no amount of jazzy pumps or strappy Zanottis can diminish our love for the humble, comfy sneaker. So our latest and greatest obsession? Swedish sneaker label Axel Arigato, whose sleek, chic footwear combine the sporty aesthetic of Adidas and the classic minimalism of Alexander Wang.

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#1: Velocity Sneaker Nude Suede, US$205
#2: Clean 90 Leather Laceless Beige Full-Grain Leather, US$220
#3: Cap-Toe Sneaker Suede with Leather Toe, US$185


Started only in 2014, Axel Arigato was born out of founders Albin Johannson and Max Svardh’s desires to create a brand that was continually relevant to the new trends emerging in the digital age everyday. You’d think that the sneaker market would be oversaturated by now, but there’s just something about the modern cuts and pantone hues of Axel Arigato’s various collections that stick, and stand out. They may have started out as a men’s-only footwear label, but since June 2015, the clean, sharp shapes have been made available to the ladies as well – by popular demand, of course; and hell are we glad. From laceless sneaks to classic cap-toe platforms, the subtle chic Swedish influences are loud and clear with these timeless beauts. It’s a luxury shoe worthy of a walk down the runway, but without the couture price tag; so it’s pretty to safe to say – we’re in love.



Featured image from axelarigato.com.