April 27, 2016

It has come to a point where wireless speakers have become a must-have, especially if you’re the sort who likes to spend every waking moment of your life immersing yourself in music. With so many brands rolling one out every few months, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. But of course, once you’ve cut through the clutter, you’ll realise that the UE Megaboom is quite a solid and versatile contender. Weighing less than 900 grammes, this multi-award winning speaker can deliver 360-degree sound with incredible bass despite its rather slim silhouette. At maximum volume, it can go as loud as 90dBA (just make sure you have very tolerant neighbours). Its 20-hour rechargeable battery life ensures that you won’t have to charge it that often, unless of course you go on 20-hour music listening marathons every other day (who knows, right?). The IPX7 waterproof certification and stain-resistant skin on the UE Megaboom can also help to enhance your bathroom “karaoke” sessions as you sing along to instrumental tracks of your favourite songs while showering. The brand has also added more functionality for the speakers with a dedicated app (compatible for both iOS and Android) that has an intuitive and fuss-free black-and-white user interface, allowing you to pair up to two UE Megaboom speakers, set alarms, remotely turn the speaker on and off and change the EQ settings to your liking.


UE Megaboom, $399. Available at Apple stores. ultimateears.com/en-sg