April 6, 2016

To all the young mummies out there – we get you. It’s tough enough being a 21st century mum as it is; work-life balance isn’t just a struggle for the Dads anymore. But throw on top of your hectic day job the need (or want) to feed your shopping addiction – which, let’s face it, only got worse after becoming a mum – and you’re pretty stretched for time. The solution? Online shopping, of course. It’s goodbye to your days of ASOS and blogshopping; and a hearty hello to online boutiques catered precisely for the hip and happening mum. Here are four new online boutiques to get into the next time your fingers itch for your credit card.



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Started by mothers, for mothers, Mummyfique is all about lending a well-manicured hand to the savvy but time-starved mothers of today. From rattles to crib décor, to full-length dresses for your little girl to cut a figure of adolescent elegance in, Mummyfique promises chic sophistication you can inculcate in your child from an early age. An all-essentials-in Baby Shower Trove ($98) comes stocked with a bib, babygro, soft rattle perfect for your newborn, socks diapers and more – more than you need to get you started.

And shopping aside, this Singaporean-started brand even boasts a digital publication, as part of being an ideal digital destination for mothers. Founded by three local high-flying mummies themselves, Mummyfique as a shopping and editorial platform was born out of the frustration at the lack of thoughtfully curated content and online shopping options. Nothing can be more comforting than the knowledge that you’re taking your business to people who’ve been exactly in your shoes – and can deliver the welfare-based experience that you need, just like they promised.



Le Petit Organic

Nothing but the best from New York City, we say; and this mantra rings true with this New York-based child clothing retailer as well. Specialising in fun and quirky clothing and accessories for kids aged 0-8, Le Petit Organic is true to its name in bringing customers the best in sustainable, handmade, and vintage inspired products. Perfect for the eco-friendly mother who still wants quality and variety in her shopping, as clothing for both baby boys and girls range from animal hoodies to cape jackets, to swimsuits, baby rompers, and sleepwear. And if you’re stuck in a rut for the next present-giving holiday, Le Petit Organic is definitely our choice destination for well-made wooden toys and hand-woven cloth accessories. Need a darling suitcase chock full of tea party essentials for your princess’s play date? No sweat; the Maileg Suitcase with Cakes (US$38) is just a click away.


Le Petit Organic offers international shipping at US$19 flat rate for all orders – a bargain price for the quality and convenience you’re getting in tow.



Pink Chicken New York

Here’s one for the classic yuppie mummy who wants to dress her precious in threads straight out of her own childhood – with a modern edge, of course. The bright colourful patterns and boho styles are a throwback to the unapologetic bold outfits most of us donned in our own childhoods, but this New York label steps it up a notch with contemporary cuts and shapes. Fun fact: founder Stacey Fraser worked a goof 15 years in children’s clothing before starting Pink Chicken, partnering with companies like Ralph Lauren, babyGap, and Tommy Hilfiger – which certainly explains the high fashion look and touch of the clothes. Unlike the other online shops on this list, Pink Chicken is solely a clothing boutique, but no complaints from us here – we’re too busy drooling over the casual-cute kaftan dresses for ladies.



Oh Happy Fry

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Think modern day hipster online boutique meets Zara kids – that’s exactly what Oh Happy Fry exudes just from just clicking around the website. The Singaporean online store mainly stocks international labels like kolor, Petits Et Maman, and many others from around the world, and the level of quality curating has quite honestly blown us away. You’ll be scrolling for hours, browsing the children’s clothing – most of which possess an impressively bold street style-like vibe – not to mention the homeware, party props, and even educational storybooks (+1point for the forward-thinking, nurturing mum!) Our favourite section? The “Twinning” category, where you can pick up clothing separates for you and your little one to make a statement without being matchy-matchy in a cliché way. All in all, you’ll appreciate the carefully curated site of edgy yet classy stock, especially if you’re the hip mod mummy who likes to stand out. Definitely not for the run-of-the-mill mama.


Featured image from instagram.com/ohhappyfry.