April 27, 2016

The two worlds of fashion and entertainment have always gone hand-in-hand. But these days, it’s hard to draw the line between the two. Sure, celebrity endorsements have been around for a very long time, but the game changes when the two brands collaborate with celebrities to create something truly unique. It gets even more interesting when these same brands create designs that are inspired by contemporary pop culture for their sneakers, or when they bring to life shoes that were specifically made for a film (like the self-lacing ones in Back To The Future II). It doesn’t matter if you’re a collector or just someone who happens to have an abundance of space on your shoe rack because these days, sneakers like these are becoming more than just footwear – they’re wearable art that’s highly sought after and can command a high price on the resale market because of its demand. Just try searching for a pair of Yeezys on Carousell and watch your jaw drop. By Adam Kerr.



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