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April 21, 2016

In general, new makeup launches get us really excited, even if we already have a million and one liquid foundations/eyeliners/mascaras/lipsticks cluttering our vanity tables at home. We know you get us – sometimes, resistance is simply futile.

And when it comes to what L’Oréal Makeup Designer Paris has in store for us over the next few months, there’s no point in telling yourself, no, you will not succumb to getting these. We literally want everything here, from the first-ever L’Oréal Paris cushion to that insane neutral eyeshadow palette, because each of these new launches are easily staples that we can see ourselves using on a daily basis. Base, cheeks, eyes, lashes, lips – everything’s covered, and we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet: Drugstore prices. So don’t just wear makeup, design your beauty – and all the tools you need are right here.





Lucent Magique BB Cushion Lumiere SPF29/PA+++

Say hello to L’Oréal Makeup Designer Paris’ first-ever cushion, and if you’re looking for light-to-medium coverage with a moist finish, this is your best bet. There are 800,000 micro air bubbles in the cushion, so one tap of the anti-bacterial sponge gets you an even coat of the lightweight water-based BB formula.

$31.90, available from May 2016.






Lucent Magique Cushion Blusher

Yes, there’s a cushion blusher to look forward to as well. Boy, are we getting real lucky this year or what? This one is a lightweight water-based formula as well, and the two available shades are a vibrant pink and coral to add an instant natural gradated flush to your cheeks.

$22.90, available from May 2016.




Superstar Felt Liner

If you wear eyeliner on the regular, you’ll know how much the quality of the eyeliner affects whether you nail the perfect flick in seconds, or end up having to redraw it about 10 times. A good formula and the right pen tip are key, and this new addition to L’Oréal Makeup Designer Paris’ Superstar line has both. The nib on this one might be thick (so it’s easier to control), but the tip is thin and flexible enough for it to easily follow the natural contours of your eyelids, and line them with a deep, intense black.

$19.90, available from April 2016.




Superstar False Lash Mascara

When we see a double-ended mascara, we know our lashes are in for a good length and volume boost. The primer end goes on first to thicken individual lashes and give them a serious volume boost, and then the fibre-rich formula goes on to coat them in an intense black. You’ll definitely get a false lash effect, so turn to this only if you want your lashes to make a statement.

$25.90, available from April 2016.




La Palette Nude Beige and Nude Rose

Okay, we really don’t think we’ve seen an eyeshadow palette that’s as good a deal as this. There are 10 shades that range from nude to dark in three different finishes: matte, satin and sheen, to allow you to create an eyeshadow look of any intensity with the included double-ended brush. The Nude Beige consists of neutral nude tones, while the Nude Rose is similar, just with a touch of pink and purple. Nude-themed palettes like this will always be a staple, and even if you get this in both shades, it’ll barely make a dent in your wallet.

$29.90, available from April 2016.




Shine Caresse CC Genius Balm

For all of you who can’t live without your lip balm, you’ll like this one – the aerogel-based formula leaves a layer of moisture and shine on the lips while coating them with colour, so it essentially doubles up as a super-moisturising lipstick. It’s infused with shea butter as well, to smooth over those nasty lines and cracks on chapped lips. The six available shades are bright but go on sheer, and the formula has a technology that targets dullness on your natural lip colour.

$19.90, available from April 2016.


lipsticks 1 lipsticks 2 lipsticks 3


You should also know that L’Oréal Makeup Designer Paris does a good variety of lip colours in different finishes. Clockwise from top, there’s the Color Riche Moist Satin and Moist Matte; the Matte Reds and Creamy Nudes; and if you like your lipsticks liquid, the L’Extraordinaire Intense Gloss and Velvet Matte. Altogether, these six ranges encompass 41 shades – we’re glad the brand is as colour-obsessed as we are.

Color Riche and L’Extraordinaire lip ranges, $21.90 each.



L’Oréal Makeup Designer Paris products are available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, and selected Fairprice supermarkets and department stores. loreal-paris.com.sg