April 21, 2016

We never thought we’d be caught up in this whole #TeamCap / #TeamIronMan hype, but come on, how can you not be involved when there are actual Hollywood movie stars descending upon our tiny tropical island? Yep, you’ve probably seen it everywhere, #TeamCap, reprecented by the trio of Chris Evans (Captain America), Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier). Oh, and co-director Joe Russo too, which you’ll totally fangirl over after watching Captain America: Civil War and realising how brilliantly he and his brother pulled off the whole superhero #squadgoals debacle so splendidly. But hey, no spoilers here!

So, #TeamCap. They’re here in Asia, specifically near Marina Bay Sands, and probably somewhere eating chilli crab. Crazy fans from around the region have actually flown in for this series of promotional events, that includes a blue carpet walk and a whole fireworks show at the MBS area, all in a bid to support this team of supes (which involves wildly screaming in excitement over our heroes). It seems like Marvel’s just as eager to fan the flames too, as we can see from this #TeamIronMan video:

Yes, the charming RDJ makes it incredibly difficult not to switch sides… but let’s just hear from #TeamCap. At the press conference, the stars were all too eager to diss #TeamIronMan, entirely in jest though. Responding to a question on what Falcon would call the other costumes, Mackie joked, “You know, I feel like if mine’s a bird suit, Iron Man should be described as a Coca-Cola can… and Vision, should be like, a big marker!”

Other than that, Chris Evans also shares that if he had his say, Steve Rogers would be romantically linked with another Avengers hero, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). “You have two characters from very different worlds, Cap and Black Widow, who have very different backgrounds and found a kind of comfort in one another in times of distress. I always thought that would be a very interesting dynamic to pursue,” he said, though at the same time acknowledging that the two characters have a truly platonic friendship.


If you’re all up for this team, rally your troops and head to:

1. The #TeamCap Blue Carpet Event

That’s happening tonight (soon!) at the Marina Bay Sand Skating Rink, where the cast and director will make an exclusive appearance. There has been a whole lot of talk about having to buy tickets to the event, and these range from a ridiculous $688 to $1,288 for package deals that allow you to get up close with the cast members. Let’s get this straight: those are tickets to the VIP zone, with additional perks. If all you want to do is glance at Chris Evans’ perfect jawline and maybe snap a quick selfie with him — it’s totally free!

Date: 21 April, Friday 
Time: 6pm – 8pm 
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink

2. The #TeamCap Lights and Fireworks Show

Hell no is Iron Man gonna get away with the whole Eiffel Tower light-up — we’re staging a showdown of our own. Singapore’s, and perhaps Asia’s, most distinctive tourism landmark, the Marina Bay Sands, will see a showstopping light-up and fireworks display over the MBS building, Helix Bridge and The Singapore Flyer, which will be one amazing visual spectacle. No word on whether Mackie will swoop down in his Falcon suit. Other than that, the MBS Event Plaza will be filled with complementary activities, including green screen photo booths, game booths, evening movie screenings of the previous Avengers and Captain America movies, Marvel artists sketch walls, a merch booth, and more, all the way till Sunday.

Date: 22 April, Friday 
Time: 8pm 
Viewing Points: Helix Bridge & Youth Olympic Park  

3. Watch Captain America: Civil War

The early reviews show it all, and so do the tons of promo clips all over Facebook — but honestly, don’t read or watch them if you don’t want to be spoilt. You might think, ah well, yet another superhero movie, but hold up, this one’s a pretty genre-defining one. Far from being fluff, or worse, taking itself too seriously, the film strikes a sweet balance between ass-kicking action scenes and strong character moments, both gravitas and comedy, as well as heartbreak and heroism all rolled into one. Co-director Joe Russo called it “one of the most important movies to date” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and it’s true — all of the brilliant character work from previous films pay off exceptionally well here, while the film has a defining stake in the future. Let’s not forget that this is the film that kickstarts the entire Phase Three of the MCU, all the way till the two Infinity War movies we’ll be getting in 2018 and 2019. We’d really wanna discuss why the movie left us on the edge of seats the entire time, reeling, despite having already read the comics, but we won’t. We can say this though — for all the #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan hype, we left the cinema unable to truly pick a side… a testament to how thoughtful a superhero movie can, and should, be.

Captain America: Civil War premieres in Singapore theatres from 28 April.