April 14, 2016

Art. It’s such an all-encompassing word that holds multitudes and meaning, which is why it’s hard to place a value on them. Now, we get why a masterpiece costs so much — it’s not just the artist’s time and effort that you’re technically paying for but also their finely-honed expertise and experience, as well as the intangible value of their creativity and thought processes. Can’t put a price on that.

Let’s get one thing clear though, art isn’t just for the uber-rich who can afford it. It’s for everyone. Which is exactly the sentiment that drove IKEA to present Art Photography, a limited collection of 11 posters by 11 contemporary artists from around the world, aimed “to make art accessible to everyone”. “We want to make it possible to create a home with art as a natural part [of it] – and we want the art pieces to be unique as well as affordable”, says Henrik Most, Creative leader at IKEA of Sweden.

PE558096 PE558093 PE558098

Here, they’re giving us great talking pieces that are truly unique, sometimes mind-boggling — stuff that resonates, depending on what you like. The 11 artists featured here present art that can be highly abstract to the figurative, and includes contemporary photography as well.

PE558097 PE569305

We like that the artists even spent that much effort to take a photo that showcases the unique quality of their art piece, whether it’s on a leather sofa that looks exactly like the sofa that inspired the photo, hanging upside down but turned the right side up just like the topsy-turvy art itself, or in surreal locations and backdrops.

PH133478 PH133474 PH133470 PH133468

It’s also interesting to hear what the artists have to say about their pieces. For example, in the abstract piece by Jill Greenberg (cover photo, right side), her painting reflects the sky and roof that she works under in her studio, and every time she takes a picture, after every brushstroke, a tiny portion of the art changes. “I’m painting with light, really”, she says. We won’t spoil you for the rest, but the other artists, including Nathalia Edenmont, Bobby Doherty and Mandy Barker have interesting things to say about their pieces too, should you make a trip down to IKEA to view the pieces in person.

All the pieces are in IKEA stores this April, while each poster costs just… $15.90. That’s right, art can finally be truly affordable.