April 18, 2016

Weddings – they’re a terrifying ordeal, what with having to handle tight planning deadlines, selecting the perfect dress, and, well, dealing with the possibility of wedding photos so ghastly they go viral.

But wedding planning isn’t all that bad. In fact, if you’ve started planning for the happiest day of your life, you’ll soon realise that the options available to a 21st century bride are way more plentiful and forgiving than what they might initially seem. The key, then, to nailing your selections for the perfect wedding? Don’t be cheap. Sounds like a harsh critique on a certain Facebook couple’s package-buying choices, but in all seriousness, weddings literally are once-in-a-lifetime events that warrant the splurge. And the wise words your mama imparted back during your childhood ring true: 一分一分, or you get what you pay for – and especially as you progress into adulthood, where quality should occupy a bigger space in your priorities.

So, in the spirit of splurging and in true NYLON fashion, we’ve rounded up ideas of what we’d personally spend on, to achieve the perfect wedding day that’s both impeccably smooth-sailing and aesthetically on-point. And while we’re at it, we decided to take things up a notch, and opt for services done in a slightly more alternative way – because hell, weddings should be fun too.


1. Car rental services

Apologise to your best pal who volunteered his slick Mercedes as tribute, and spring for a professional vintage car rental service instead. Nothing says “classy” like stepping out of a swinging 60’s-esque Beetle or shiny convertible, flowers in hand and wedding train in tow. And the best part – when else will you get the chance to drive around in a snazzy antique car?


Our picks:

Volkswagen Wedding Car Rental Programme

Volkswagen wedding rental programme (1)

Vintage cars are cool and all, but take it up a notch by arriving in a Volkswagen bad boy. Opt for an iconic modern Beetle or open-top Golf Cabriolet – both of which come in a stunning ‘Pure White’ guaranteed to photograph well alongside any possible styling theme or décor. Rental includes insurance for two drivers, so you can both have a turn at the wheel, and the large boots are a definite godsend for storing all your wedding bric-a-brac for the entire day. We’re already dreaming of driving off into the sunset in these, a lá Grease.

Price: $200 to $650
More info at


Kombi Rocks Rental Services


Support the upkeep of local vehicles and travel in style with the old-school automobiles from Kombi Rocks. We’re bypassing the Beetle here and heading straight for the Kombi vans – large enough for your whole crew to ride with you and still cute as a button. Choice vehicles even come with rollback sunroofs so you can pull an “In that moment, I swear we were infinite”.

Price: $150 to $1288
More info at


The Wedding Limo Company: Morris Minor


Go full-on vintage with these Gatsby-approved Morris Minors that are pretty much the definition of a “sweet ride”. They promise luxury, convenience and affordability – and obviously a killer photo opp. If it isn’t already apparent, we’re seriously digging the plush red seats

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2. GIF booths

Get with the programme, people – stationary photobooths are on their way out, to make room for fun and quirky GIF booths, for moving (literally) mementos you can keep for life. GIFs are dynamic, spontaneous, and full of laughs – basically how you’ll want your guests to remember your wedding. And since you can have them sent straight to your email/iPad/smartphone, never again will there be the risk of people losing photo printouts from your wedding; you’ll be etched permanently into their hard drives (or Cloud) – whether they like it or not.

Our picks:

Fotobox: For to-the-point GIFs, square-cropped and ready for Instagram.
More info at

Aww Snap!: For fun backdrops and props for your picture-perfect keepsakes.
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3. Desserts table

Here’s something you definitely won’t regret spending on; if we’ve learnt anything in the line of hosting and attending events, food is the one thing people remember from any event, so make sure your selection leaves an impression. Sweet treats on your special day are a given – and will probably come in the form of a colour-coordinated fancy desserts table, but we like stepping it up a notch with gourmet treats that boast an unexpected local twist. It’s having the best of both worlds, really, when you get both your grandma’s favourite orh nee and your Instagram-obsessed bestie’s artfully iced cupcakes, rolled into one. We’re pretty sure your guests will leave raving about how amazing your hipster desserts table was – oh and err, about how good you looked that day too.


Our picks:

Bloomsbury Bakers


Orh Nee cakes! Chendol cheesecake! Pulut hitam in tart form! Whether you decide to get them separately or as a bundle desserts table package (this is the kind of package you should be placing your confidence and money in, ladies and gentlemen), the local flavours are bound to please.

Price: From $650 for a 30-pax dessert table package
More info at


Janice Wong

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Chocolate bon bons that taste like home? Oui oui, s’il vous plaît. Check out local pastry chef Janice Wong’s Singapore Signature series that features chocolate bon bons infused with familiar flavours like gula melaka pandan, laksa leaf, and even bak kwa praline rocks (from $2.50). Now there’s something you don’t see everyday at a wedding feast.

More info at


And if you haven’t already realised for yourself – don’t skimp on the wedding photography.