April 4, 2016

We admit that the Internet is already overflowing with K-Beauty how-tos, covering everything from a million tutorials on how to do a gradient lip right, the precise combination of complexion products to get mul-kwang-pi-bu skin, and guides to the intricate skincare routines Korean women are known for – they are obviously doing something right, because how else are so many women walking around the streets of Seoul with clear, glowing and seemingly ageless skin?

Obviously, we’ve tried to navigate a good number of these guides and tutorials ourselves, in a quest to get in on the K-Beauty game. But we’ve yet to come across a K-Beauty guide that’s comprehensive enough to cover both skincare and makeup trends at one go – so we decided to put together our own. For this, we’ve turned to the array of Korean brands Sasa Singapore stocks, because they sure have got a wide selection for all needs and tastes; and there’s something for every part of a K-Beauty regime, no matter how many steps there are.

This definitely isn’t a straightforward, 5-minutes-in-the-morning-and-you’re-good-to-go kind of beauty regime, but it’s definitely worth the extra time and effort, trust us.



Step 1: Cleanser/Makeup Remover
Soo Beauté Snail Rejuvenating Delicate Cleanser, $17.90; Soo Beauté Rice Comfort Purity Cleansing Water, $12

Once you get over the slight icky factor of putting snail secretions on your skin, you’ll come to realise that it’s really a superb anti-ageing ingredient, highly capable of nourishing and repairing the skin. The Koreans have been putting it into their skincare products for some time now, and this light foam cleanser gives you a daily dose. Twice a day, squeeze a small amount onto your palm and apply it over a wet face in circular motions, and rinse with lukewarm water. It’s able to remove light makeup as well.

There are no snails in the Rice Comfort Purity Cleansing Water, but there’s rice extract, another ingredient popular in Korean skincare for its powerful brightening abilities. Pour a small amount out on a cotton pad and use it to remove your makeup; besides brightening, it helps to soothe and moisturise tired skin at the end of a long day.

Step 2: Toner
Dr. G AQUASIS Moisture Toner, $37

If you’re familiar with Korean skincare, you’ll know that a lot of it is about hydration, hydration, and more hydration. This toner helps boost the circulation of moisture within the skin, and the skin’s ability to retain moisture for a longer time. It’s in a water-based texture that’s not sticky at all, so go ahead and pour out an appropriate amount on a cotton pad, and pat it over the entire face after the cleansing step.

Step 3:Serum
Dr.G AQUASIS Moisture Ampoule, $46

Of course, the hydration doesn’t stop there. After toning, follow up with an intensive moisture treatment in the form of this serum, which has double the concentration of hyaluronic acid as compared to the toner of the same range. Using the dropper, dispense one or two drops into your palm and pat onto the entire face – you’ll find that it’ll be quite easily absorbed, thanks to the lightweight texture.

Step 4: Moisturiser
Dr. G AQUASIS Water Soothing Gel Cream, $43

When choosing your daily moisturiser, it’s important to choose one that hydrates while still letting the skin breathe, especially important in the humidity we live in – that’s why a water-based gel texture is usually best. This one from the Dr. G AQUASIS line also helps cool down the skin thanks to the buckweed seed extract, has no sticky finish, and absorbs quickly – the hyaluronic acid in this has a low molecular weight, so it can penetrate deeper into the skin. Pick up a small amount with your fingers, and apply it over the entire face. Tap it into the skin to boost absorption.

Step 5: Eye Treatment
Soo Beauté Bio-Cellulose Snail Lifting Eye Patch, $21.90

We’re aware that according to Korean makeup trends, eyebags can be seen as desirable – that’s where undereye highlighters come in to achieve that aegyo-sal look. But when it comes to actually caring for the skin around your eyes, that’s a different matter altogether, as fine lines and sagging skin most definitely aren’t cute. The snail secretion filtrate and acai berry extract in these patches do all the lifting and firming, so just leave them under the eyes a few times a week – while you catch up on those K-dramas, perhaps.





Step 1: Foundation
Chosungah22 C & T Blend, $88

Mul-kwang-pi-bu skin, here you come. This 2-in-1 foundation does all the math for you, by combining the liquid foundation and clear skin-plumping gel in the right proportions. Mix them first before applying onto your face, and simply twist the jar in one direction to get more foundation for higher coverage, or twist it the other way to dispense more of the gel for more glow.

Step 2: Highlighter
Chosungah22 24H Raybeam Cream, $43 

That Korean dewiness also comes from strategic use of highlighter. With this one, press the flat top of the jar to dispense just a pea-sized amount on one fingertip, then blend it on your T-zone, cupid’s bow, chin, eyelids and in the inner corners of the eyes, to get the glow on all the right places.



Step 3: Brows
Chosungah22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker, $34

You know those brows gotta be straight. The applicator on this brow colour will come in useful for that, with the pointed sponge tip that will fill in your brows efficiently, and the bristles to comb through the hairs and spread the colour out evenly. The sponge applicator also helps with outlining the outer pointed ends of your brows precisely.

Step 4: Eyeshadow
Chosungah22 Jello Colour Kit, $60; Cyber Colors Argan Glam Cushion Aurora Eye Pot, $16.90

The six neutral eyeshadow shades in this palette come with what the brand calls a “bounce formula”, which means the texture of the product has a jelly-like consistency, making the pigments extremely easy to pick up and blend. K-Beauty is all about the natural eye colours, so pick up a shade like #22MARS, a sparkly brown, to blend all over the crease. Cyber Colors has a cushion version in six individual pearlescent shades, so just pick up the colour with a brush or sponge tip and tap it onto the eyelids.

Step 5: Eyeliner
Cyber Colors 24H Eyeliner Duo, $18.90

Whether you feel like lining your eyes with a gel or liquid formula on any given day, this double-ended one from Cyber Colors gives you both. To make lining your eyes easier, you can also start by outlining your desired eyeliner shape with the pencil end, and then filling in with the liquid end for a high-impact finish.

Step 6: Mascara
Chosungah22 Rocking Volume Mascara, $34

This mascara brush has been designed to resemble a bullet shape, with the plentiful bristles coating each individual lash with the intense black formula (which also happens to have lash conditioning properties). Start by applying the mascara with the middle of the brush, moving across the lashes in a zig-zag motion; for harder-to-reach areas like the bottom lashes and the corners of the eyes, use the tip of the brush for better control.



Step 7: Blusher
Cyber Colors Argan Glam Cushion Massage Blusher, $24.90

Cushion blushers are really genius inventions – all you have to do is squeeze the tube just a little for some colour, press the cushion puff to your cheek, and tap from the centre of the face towards the outer corners for a wash of natural colour. All three shades in this range are K-Beauty appropriate; for a more feminine look, keep the colour to the upper parts of the cheeks.

Step 8: Lip Colour
Cyber Colors Argan Glam Anti-Lines Cushion 2-Step Massage Lip Paint, $26.90

No need to think too hard about how to nail a perfect gradient lip. With this, simply apply the lip crayon in the centre of the lips, then use the sponge tip on the other end to blend the colour outwards, so it becomes lighter towards the outer corners and boom – gradient lips in under a minute.



If we could describe K-Beauty in one phrase, it would be “Worth the effort”. Don’t get scared off by the sheer number of steps in this regime; the key is to use quality products, like the ones listed here, that make it all a whole lot easier.


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