April 14, 2016

Truth be told, we can never get enough of K-Beauty — whether it’s those square brows that are supposed to make us look more youthful, a light touch on the foundation but laser-beam highlights on our cheeks, or bright lippies. Case in point: these three Korean beauties, Diane (@oiseau88), Dami (@damsluv) and Jihee (@parantoux). Filters aside, it’s obvious that they share several things in common, but the most important one has to be… good skin. As adventurous as we are about trying new k-beauty trends, how many of us really pay as much attention to our skincare regime, especially before piling on the makeup?

Diane_Oiseau88 dami_damsluv1 Jihee_Parantoux

We’re willing to bet that it’s not nearly as impressive as the one that celebrity makeup artist, Larry Yeo, recommends, and hey, not to worry as we tend to skip several steps while in a rush too. However, there’s really no shortcut to good skin either, and we’d trust the beauty expert — he tells us that you have to spend as much time, if not more, on the skincare portion of your morning routine, in order to have a good base for your makeup. His is a 9-step process that uses a whole range of SK-II products for that subtle, radiant glow that we’d all love to have (or, 6-step really if you count just skincare items). Definitely beats a 12-step one any way! Here goes:

Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser Style: "Neutral" Facial Treatment Essence 160ml_NEW

1. Cleanse SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser

“Always start off with a clean face. Wash your face, and pat dry.”

2. ToneSK-II Cellumination Mask-In Lotion

“A good toner ensures you have an even surface to work with, and helps your skincare products you apply easier.”

3. Beauty EssenceSK-II Facial Treatment Essence

“The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is nicknamed “miracle water” for a reason! Although SK-II recommends using a cotton pad to apply the essence, I don’t like to waste a single drop, so I would pour the essence directly on to my palms and spread it liberally across my face. Also, I recommend not waiting for the essence to be completely absorbed into your skin, as a moist surface allows your skincare and makeup to be applied easily.”




4. Beauty SerumSK-II GenOptics Aura Essence or GenOptics Spot Essence

“SK-II’s newly-launched GenOptics Aura Essence is one of my favourite products for giving you an immediate dewy glow, and yet, it works on improving your long-term radiance at the same time. The new auto dropper also gives you the right amount for your face. Apply liberally!”



Cellumination Deep Surge EX Whitening Source Dermdefinition UV Lotion



5. Moisturise — SK-II Cellumination Day Surge UV or Cellumination Deep Surge Ex

“Moisturising helps to lock in your skin’s moisture, helping to ensure your skin does not get too dry and cause your makeup to start flaking.”

6. UV ProtectionSK-II Whitening Source Derm Definition UV Lotion (SPF50)

“Ensure you apply enough sunblock! A good gauge would be enough sunblock to cover the top segment of your fourth finger.”

Cyrstal Skin Perfecting Foundation and Brush AurActivator CC Cream



7. Prime — SK-II AurActivator CC Cream

“I always use the AurActivator Cream as a primer — use one pump across the whole palm and work it, starting from the nose and undereye area, before smoothing it out evenly across the whole face. This smoothes out the skin texture (hence you use lesser foundation).

8. Foundation — SK-II Color Clear Beauty Crystal Skin Perfecting Foundation

“Pick a color that matches the skin tone and apply foundation only where it’s needed. I mostly focus under the eyes, around the nasal fold area, the upper and lower lips. Remember to use foundation to create an even tone, not to bring out a mask-like effect.”

9. Highlight — SK-II Color Clear Beauty Crystal Skin Perfecting Foundation

“Pick the lightest SK-II Color Clear Beauty Crystal Perfecting Foundation and use it to highlight the higher planes of the face, like the cheekbone, t-zone, and cupid’s bow. I love putting it just above the eyebrow too for a lift.”

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Tips & tricks by celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo. Cover image courtesy of Dami, @damsluv.