April 25, 2016

Now, we’ve talked about the KYE for shu collection before, but we can’t help bringing it up again, especially since any K-beauty trend seems to be instantly popular, post-DOTS or not. To recap, this is a fun collection that’s inspired by the edgy street style aesthetic of Korean fashion designer Kathleen Kye, and all of the products feature her trademark illustrations on the packaging. The look’s bold and suitably edgy as well, but we’ll get to that later. We had a first-hand experience with the collection when we went for a KYE for shu makeover that involved lots of time at the Kimage hair salon, and professional makeup by the shu uemura experts.


The K-pop star treatment first meant more than six hours at the salon, which went into double-bleaching my hair, before sectioning off parts of my hair to layer on the colour. My stylist chose to go for a subtle look — as subtle as bleached hair can get — by dye-ing the top half of my head ash brown, which then tapers into a riot of pinks and purples. Still, there was a bit of ash grey for that nice faded effect (trendy!), and the “random”, layered mix meant that there seemed to be more shades in my hair than the colours used. Pro tip: always opt for the treatment, because it makes your hair instantly more manageable.

Of course, we’re here for the makeup, and here, the KYE for shu collection calls for a bold, K-pop-inspired look that’s equal parts cool and wearable. The highlight? A sharp graphic eye line, and strong tinted brows, seen in this “Exotic Kool” look. Sure, I had a makeup artist do my face, but you’ll find that the look’s just as easy to replicate at home, with some practice and the right tools, naturally. Here’s how you can get started:




STEP 1 — Base Makeup

Can we really escape the cushion foundation when it comes to K-Beauty? Nope. But that’s a good thing — when patted on, the cushion formula goes on light, thus giving the bright, radiant skin you see in Korean dramas, and it’s also incredibly easy to carry around in case you need a touch-up. Start first by priming your skin with the under base mousse, then the foundation, and lastly, finish off with the lightbulb glowing face powder. The last step ensures your foundation stays put, while natural translucent powders also provide a soft-lit glow to your skin.

products: UV under base mousse; blanc:chroma brightening UV cushion foundation compact case, $20 for case + puff, $55 for refill; lightbulb glowing face powder, $39





STEP 2 — Graphic Eyes

Start off by drawing a sharp line on the upper and lower eye lines with your drawing pencil — the waterproof, smudge-proof gel pencil has a soft texture that goes on easy, but still allows for a precise eyeline, especially great when you’re going for something trickier here. Try double open eyelining, leaving open gaps on both the tail and inner corner for an elongated, graphic look. Instead of leaving it all black though, draw and slightly blend the kye for shu drawing pencil in navy on top of your upper eye line — the navy is a fun and subtle way of adding a pop of colour to your eyes, made more impactful when it catches the light. Finish off by coating your lashes with mascara.

products: lasting gel pencil eye liner in M black 01, $24; kye for shu drawing pencil in ME navy 61, $33; petal lash mascara, $28




STEP 3 — Bold Brows

Tinted brows are said to be the next big trend, and as you know, youthful square brows are already a K-beauty archetype, so here’s where you get to be more playful with your look. Continue the graphic eye feel by drawing a straight eye brow with the brow:palette, layering on brown shades as a base and creating a slightly rounded arch. Then, use the brow:sword, in both dark rose and dark violet for an ombre look. Start first by filling in the outer half of your brows with the violet shade, then, layer the rose shade from the inner parts of your brow and blend outwards. If you’re feeling more adventurous, play it up with an eyebrow manicure — start from the highest point of the brow, lift up the hair, and brush back. This creates a more filled-in, three-dimensional look.

products: brow:palette in cappuccino x dark rose, $53; brow:sword in dark rose and dark violet, $53 each; eyebrow manicure in dark violet, $42





STEP 4 — Cheeks & Lips

Finally, the look also calls for bright shades, but these are kept to natural, peachy tones in light layers. Apply a thin layer of the cushion cheek in hibiscus pink to the apples of the cheek. This gives a dewy glow that’s also fresh and young. Then, glide on a sheer layer of colour balm, in a matching peach tone. It’s said to enhance your natural lip colour with a hint of neon glow, meaning a sheer finish that glints under the sun.

products: fresh cushion blush in hibiscus pink, $48; sheer colour balm in ‘hugged in peach’, $33



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KYE for shu collection, exclusively at Sephora ION, and will be available at other shu uemura stores from 1 May – 31 May 2016.

Photos: Daryl Aiden
Makeup: shu uemura
Hair: Kimage