April 27, 2016


First off, Pantone’s deliberately being a little tricky this year. Instead of having just one colour as their celebrated Colour Of The Year, the reigning colour company announced that 2016’s Colour Of The Year would be made up on two colours – Rose Quartz and Serenity, lovingly blended into one Microsoft Word-y gradient. While we started off skeptical, we have to say: the two colours are beautiful on their own, and surprisingly make a pretty wearable combination we never even realised could work. Then again, when a killer combo like that veers so subconsciously close to pairing denim with blush pink tones… are we really that surprised? Here’s how to rock the two without looking like a preschooler.


Sports Luxe

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Bomber, Pull & Bear, $79.90
Top, Topshop, $33.90
Joggers, Topshop, $79.90
Hat, Urban Outfitters, US$20
Shoes, Superga, $69.90


Athleisure and the sports aesthetic is on the rise, and we’ve surrendered our non-exercising selves to the trend. We’re all about the mesh, joggers, and dad caps; pair with a cozy pair of pastel sneaks and you could almost pass off for a gym rat! Almost.


Office Casual

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Shirt, Uniqlo, $29.90
Pants, Uniqlo, $49.90
Shoes, Topshop, $106


Admit it, we’d all like to stay comfy at work. Spring for a lightweight linen button down and straight-legged satin trousers that’s still appropriate if you have to dash out for a last-minute meeting. Silver mid-heeled shoes add a touch of class and a refreshing pop to your whole ensemble.



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Top, Zara, $59.90
Skirt, Pull & Bear, $35.90
Bag, ASOS, £32
Sandals, ASOS£38


Frankly, Rose Quartz and Serenity are about as girly as it gets. But to really amp it up, play with textures – layer Victorian lace over plain crepe fabric for the pinks to pop. Optional: a denim jacket (in the right purply-blue shade!) to add some edge to your feminine look.


Summer Styling

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Top, Zara, $69.90
Dungarees, Pull & Bear, $39.90
Bag, ASOS, £32
Sandals, ASOS, £38


The heat’s no excuse to be caught looking sloppy. For a more everyday outfit, stick to blue (or Serenity) and white as your safe colours and add a sweet pop of pink – so the whole world knows you’ve got your Pantone game on fleek.