April 1, 2016

Is the matte lip era about to be over? While we’re still recovering from the madness that the Kylie Lip Kits unleashed, the Kylie Cosmetics Twitter account just posted a tweet in the early hours of today, announcing the video for the Kylie lip glosses:



It’s less of a promo video and more of almost a short film, really. It depicts King Kylie rolling up to a motel in the desert in a posh convertible, while her girl gang proceeds to rob the crooks inside and they all flee the scene, leaving a trail of cash behind – all while applying shiny coats of the lip glosses now and then. It’s dramatic, over-the-top, and completely Kylie Jenner, and we kind of love it already.

And the shades? The three debut ones are named “Like”, a warm brown; “Literally”, a slightly lighter brown with golden tones; and “So Cute”, a warm nude that’s the lightest of the range.



We didn’t expect Jenner to move in the opposite direction from the matte lip that everyone has been obsessed with for such a long time now; after all, shiny lips hasn’t been a big thing since the mid-2000s. Will these glosses be wiped out as quickly as the Lip Kits? We might find out within a day, as this tweet hints:  


Semes like the glosses might be launched as soon as later today, once it’s 1 April over in the US. Or… might it just be an elaborate April Fool’s joke that Jenner has pulled on all of us? Maybe the beauty world isn’t ready to go back to glosses just yet. Whatever it is, keep your eyes peeled and your fingers ready, because you need to be doing some real fast clicking if you want to get your hands on the glosses if they really go on sale today.


Main image: Instagram @kyliecosmetics.