April 27, 2016

Hate her or love her, let’s just agree that Barbie, or the world’s most iconic doll, is as much a celebrity as any one of the Kardashians are. Maybe more. Named Barbara Millicent Roberts, dull on the tongue compared to her far catchier moniker, she’s been making headlines since 1959 (take that Taylor Swift!). And for the detractors who think she’s “just a doll”, you might want to change your minds now.

Just like Bennifer, Brangelina and TomKat, her love life’s a well-documented media blitz – after dating for years, Barbie and Ken went through a devastating breakup in 2004, where she then had a fling with an Aussie surfer. But all is not lost! The couple rekindled their romance on Valentine’s Day of 2011 to much fanfare. In true millenial style, she changed her Facebook status to “In A Relationship”, along with a savvy status update. “A doll knows when it’s love, and I’ve finally realised that my heart only beats for Ken,” she says. Or, her marketing team did. Still, we can’t help but to get caught up in her fascinating world.

Melissa_Jeremy Scott_0637

So, it’s no surprise that Mattel’s darling has been a frequent muse – obsession, really – for designer Jeremy Scott. You’ve seen iPhone cases that look like her mirrors, or models sauntering down the Moschino runway in bubblegum pink and 80s shift dresses. Well, say hello to more unabashed girl power, now in the form of Melissa shoes. The spirit of Barbie is strong across this collection of, what else, plastic shoes designed by Scott, in part due to the vibrant hues and bubblegum-scented material.

Melissa_Jeremy Scott_0740

There are ankle boots that make for a chic low-cut version of classic Wellingtons, dainty flats with a heart or ribbon-shaped applique, all with a cheeky twist – a rubber mouthpiece that’s in every inflatable pool toy you’ve encountered. What strikes us the most though are the mules, complete with arched silhouettes and a platform style that we swear is a dead ringer for the actual plastic shoes we made our Barbies wear when we were younger. Hey, if that means we get to wear her legacy on our feet, we’d gladly doll up.

Melissa_Jeremy Scott_0652

Melissa + JEREMY SCOTT collection, priced from $140 to $295, available at MDREAMS.