April 15, 2016

Chicken streeps. Sriracha Streep. A TGIF-worthy Bloody Meryl. It took a few months, but we finally stumbled upon this gem of an Instagram account, dedicated to fulfilling our oddly specific, previously unrealised dreams of seeing Meryl Streep combined with food. And we guarantee that after seeing these pictures, it will awaken in you too a newfound urge for more tasty Meryl combos.

The genius behind the account (@tasteofstreep) is Brooklyn-based graphic designer Samantha Raye, who first got the idea messing around on Photoshop. Exploring a nutritious variation of food groups, Raye seamlessly incorporates the Queen of the silver screen’s fashion choices into colour-matched food – anything from grilled cheeses to sugary twinkies. Clearly the combination is a winner in all our eyes – because everyone loves food, and everyone loves Meryl Streep. Who knew it’d be so oddly satisfying seeing the Devil wear bacon?